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10 Most popular API for photos

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adobe photoshop shortcut key

adobe photoshop shortcut key


10 most used API for Photos

Digital cameras and mobile phones have transformed the photography world. it’s estimated quite 1.2 trillion photos were taken during 2017, and an estimated 300 billion photos are uploaded to the web a day. Many of the foremost popular applications lately are organized around photographs.

Developers wishing to make applications for this enormous trend with photos can tap into Application Programming Interfaces, or APIs, to urge the work done.

What is a Photos API?

A Photos API enables developers to integrate photo related functions into applications, including adding enhancements to social media photo applications, retrieving data from stock photos platforms, integrating photo editing services, connecting with photo hosting services, and far more.

Developers can find a comprehensive list of APIs for photograph related applications within the Photos category of ProgrammableWeb. Residing there are APIs for applications like social media photo sharing, social video, photo editing, and retouching, panoramas, mapping images, satellite imagery, drone imagery, computer graphics, print photos, organizing media, museums, bulk image hosting, stock photos, identification services, cameras, celebrity and fan photos, watermarking, humorous photos, and dozens of other sub-categories.

This article features ten of the highest Photos APIs supported visitor traffic on the ProgrammableWeb website.

1. Instagram Graph API

Instagram may be a photo-sharing iPhone app and repair. Users take photos and may share them with Instagram contacts, also as friends on other social networks like Twitter and Facebook. The Instagram APITrack this API provides access to user authentication, friend connections, photos, and every one the opposite elements of the iPhone app–including uploading new media. The Instagram Graph API is made on the Facebook Graph APITrack this API.

2. A View from my Seat API

A View from my Seat connects fans to their favorite teams by letting fans upload photos from their seats and showing them in seating charts on the team’s website. The A View from my Seat API provides a RESTful interface for developers to reinforce their sites and applications with fan photos. API returns venue, image, section, row, seat, notes, timestamp, and more.

A View from my Seat API
api for photo

3. Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services Face API

Microsoft Cognitive Services are APIs that are powered by algorithms to perform computer vision, speech recognition, text analytics, recommendations, and other cognitive tasks. The Microsoft Cognitive Services Face APITrack this API offers cloud-based face recognition. Its main functionalities include face verification, similar face searching, automatic face grouping, and person identification. Microsoft Cognitive Services is formerly referred to as Project Oxford.

4. Flickr API

Flickr photo hosting platform and sharing service. The Flickr APITrack this API is often wont to retrieve photos from the Flickr photo-sharing service employing a sort of feeds, like public photos and videos, favorites, friends, group pools, discussions, et al. The API also can be wont to upload photos and videos.

5. Car Imagery

The Car Imagery service allows users to incorporate licensed stock images of cars on their websites. Developers can utilize the Car Imagery APITrack this API to enable applications with the function to look got stock photographs of cars by make, model, options, year, and trim. The API is out there in both free (with query limits) and paid versions.

6. The Cat API

How can an inventory of photo APIs be complete without an API for cat photos? The Cat API provides developers with free access to random cat pictures. With The Cat API, users can specify the amount of returned results, image type, image size, and therefore the category of the cat picture. The API also allows an application to vote on images, retrieve votes, favorite images, list categories, and more.

The cat  api for photo
api for photo

7. UI Faces API

UI Faces aggregates photos from several web sources to supply avatars with real looking photos. Developers who use the UI Faces APITrack this API can specify several parameters like age, gender, and emotion, so that users may filter and type the photos consistent with their needs.

8. Google Photos API

Google Photos allows users to copy their photos and lets users use Google Assistant to make albums and collages. The Google Photos Library APITrack this API will allow developers to port Google Photos, with all its tools, into their own application. The API enables applications to read, write, share photos, and more.


9. Lorem Picsum API

Lorem Picsum APITrack this API provides random or specific uploaded images as placeholders. Developers got to specify the desired image size (width & height) at the top of the request URL. Grayscale and blur effects are often applied to any image.

 api for photo
api for photo


10. API provides a tool to get rid of background areas from images. The APITrack this API is a picture editing service that removes the background of photos of persons, and products. the utmost output resolution is 10 megapixels.

remove bg api for photo
image from remove bg api for photo

In addition to the favored APIs above, the Photos category on ProgrammableWeb contains about 500 APIs, 240 SDKs, and 113 ASCII text file Samples, among other resources for developers.


source: programmableweb

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