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10 Tips to protect your PC

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tips to protect pc

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today we are providing general 10 Tips to protect your PC and this is necessary if you are working remotely or doing some personal work. so lets gets started.

Sign in with a smile using Windows Hello

Select Start  > Settings  > Accounts  > Sign-in options . you will see a Windows Hello Face option if your PC supports it. Set it up to check in with a look.

Use Windows Hello, but see your lock screen longer

To keep Windows Hello from automatically dismissing your lock screen, attend Start  > Settings  > Accounts > Sign-in options  Windows Hello Face and switch Automatically dismiss your lock screen when Windows recognizes your face to Off.

protect pc
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Protect your PC

To help protect your PC from security threats, select Start  > Settings  > Update & Security  > Windows Security . Select Virus & threat protection, then select a Quick scan to scan your PC and determine if anything needs your attention.

protect your pc
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Check your privacy settings

Your privacy matters, so confirm everything’s found out the way you would like it. Select Start  > Settings  > Privacy  to review your settings.

privacy of pc
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Let Microsoft keep your PC healthy

Keep your device running smoothly with recommended troubleshooting suggestions that find and fix issues on your device.

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Keep your PC up so far

Get the newest features and security updates. Select Start  > Settings  > Update & Security  > Windows Update  > Check for updates to ascertain if there are new updates.

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Update at your convenience

To choose a convenient time to use updates, change active hours, and allow us to know when you’re using your device. Windows won’t automatically restart to use updates during that point. attend Start  > Settings > Update & Security  > Windows Update , and choose Change active hours to urge started.

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Update overnight

To minimize update interruptions, plug your PC into an influence source, and stay connected to the web to permit your device to update overnight.

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Lock your PC during a second

Help keep your PC safe. Press Windows logo key  + L before you walk off from it.

protect your pc
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Automatically lock your PC

Pair your phone and PC using Bluetooth, then select Start > Settings  > Accounts  > Sign-in options. Select the checkbox under Dynamic lock, then take your phone and walk off.

This were the general tips to protect your pc and may also help in keeping the privacy of your things.

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