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what are 14+ tips for Microsoft Team App?

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microsoft team app

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In today’s world, everything is being shifted on internet meetings are also organized through video conferencing, and for them, Microsoft Team application was launched. This application is paid developed by Microsoft developers so that security can be provided to the customers. and we are here with 14 tips for Microsoft Team App.

Microsoft Team App
image credit microsoft

Use Microsoft Teams to stay it all organized

Stay in-tuned regardless of where you’re with Microsoft Teams. Get to your files on OneDrive, have online meetings and calls, chat with a couple of colleagues, or make posts to your whole team. Everything you would like for productive collaborative work is there. Use Microsoft Teams to stay it all organized

Set up a channel for your team

Once you’ve created a team, you’ll be wanting to feature channels. Select More options … next to a team name, then select Add channel.

Collaborate on files with Teams

Attach a file to any message by selecting Attach below where you write your message. Once you send the file it’ll automatically appear within the Files tab above the channel or message so anyone can get thereto.

Meet now in Teams

On the left side of Teams, select Calendar. At the highest of the screen, select Meet now, then select Join now. Type names or phone numbers of the people you would like to feature to your meeting. To share your screen, select the Share button within the meeting controls.

Pin your important channels

Pin channels you’re employed with most frequently and they’ll appear at the highest of your list under Pinned for quick access. Select More options … to the proper of the channel name, then select Pin.

Keyboard shortcuts make Teams more accessible

Use a keyboard rather than a mouse? Teams feature a shortcut for you. within the Teams app, press Ctrl + . to display an inventory of obtainable keyboard shortcuts.

Streamline access with custom tabs

Create custom tabs to offer your teammates quick access to the files, tools, and sites they use a day. Select + next to the tabs at the highest of your chat or channel to feature a replacement one. It’ll be visible to all or any of your teammates instantly.

It’s all about meme

Add GIFs to inject some personality into your conversations. Select the GIF button under the box where you type your message and look for the one you would like . Select Send when ready.

Have an issue about Teams?

In the bottom left corner of Teams is where you will find Help. Select Help > Topics, then browse featured topics, or look for something you would like . you’ll also inspect the Training tab for brief how-to videos to urge up to hurry on Teams.

Always be within the know with notifications

Notifications keep you current with what’s happening in your teams. There are two places where you’ll manage your notifications. First, you’ll select your picture at the highest right of Teams, choose Options > Notifications. Or, control them at the channel level. Select More options … > Channel notifications next to the channel.

Take your Teams with you

The Teams mobile app helps you connect and collaborate wherever you’re . The app is out there on iOS and Android. Chat with colleagues, join meetings on the go, and access all of your teams, channels, files, and more.

Stay within the loop with Activity

Activity is where you’ll see all of your notifications—from @mentions to replies to conversations you started—in one place. You specify what shows up in Activity via your notifications settings (see the previous tip). Find Activity at the highest left of Teams.

Get their attention with @mentions

In a channel, on the Posts tab, A message within the box. to urge a team member’s attention, type @ then start typing their name. The message is going to be flagged for them.

Turn talk into a video call

From your chat, select Video call to start out the video call. When connected, select Share to share your screen.

These were some general tips and we hope that these tips will be useful for you.

source: microsoft

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