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Memes on AI

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The internet has birthed many memes with relatable captions that describe real-life experiences only too brutally. Imgflip is one of the more popular places people are flocking to so as to make new memes, and now, it’s making its own through AI.

Imgflip founder Dylan Wenlau decided to enlist the machine learning platform Tensorflow and Keras to return up with new captions for the new self-making meme generator.

The technology was fed with over 100 million public meme captions shared by Imgflip users, alongside 48 of the foremost famous meme formats to support the AI meme generator, Wenlau shared during a Medium post.

The website uses popular meme photos and layers them with words to make memes on the spot, and therefore the results are surprising visitors for perfectly embodying the nonsensical nature of certain memes. One user even declared that the AI-generated memes are “so far better than anything man has ever made.”

Stumped for ideas for your next joke? Try the tool for yourself here.

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