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30+ keyboard Shortcut for YouTube Videos

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youtube videos

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Shortcuts that make youtube videos platform easier and faster way to use it.

On the off chance that you need to invest some quality energy in your manner to the workplace and keeping in mind that returning, or on the off chance that you need to invest your relaxation time, the most ideal route is to observe some YouTube videos from your preferred makers over the globe. Then again, on the off chance that you are at home, and have some available time, you can invest that energy observing some YouTube videos that are consequently handpicked by the stage-dependent on your watch history and preferences. Viewing YouTube videos consecutive can be the most ideal approach to take a break, and simultaneously, it can assist you with discovering some new information or engage yourself simultaneously. In the event that YouTube is not exactly a medication for you should realize some ace tips to utilize the stage.

youtube videos
image credit pixabay

Among the few expert tips that are accessible for utilizing YouTube and different stages, one of them is to know a couple of console alternate routes that can make your experience of utilizing YouTube much superior to prior. Truly, YouTube has various console easy routes, and in the event that you are viewing YouTube videos on your PC, all the alternate route keys can prove to be useful for you. That way, you can utilize your console as a remote control for your PC and simply press a couple of keys to go to your preferred video and watch it. Also, on the off chance that you are getting a charge out of YouTube videos sitting on the sofa, you can get a little and modest remote compact console and use it as a remote control to watch your preferred videos on YouTube without contacting the mouse. Console alternate routes are stunning, and you ought not to neglect them with regards to YouTube videos.

In this way, immediately, how about we begin with the most helpful console alternate routes that you should know whether you are a YouTube junkie.

Here is the table to rapidly take a gander at the Youtube control Alternate route keys, on the off chance that you would prefer not to experience the entire article.


Toggle play/pausek
Rewind 10 secondsj
Fast forward 10 secondsl
Previous videoP (SHIFT+p)
Next videoN (SHIFT+n)
Previous frame (while paused)


Next frame (while paused)


Decrease playback rate

< (SHIFT+,)

Increase playback rate

> (SHIFT+.)

Seek to a specific point in the video (7 advances to 70% of duration)0..9


Toggle full screenf
Toggle theater modet
Toggle miniplayeri
Close miniplayer or current dialogESCAPE
Toggle mutem


If the video supports captions, toggle captions ON/OFFc
Rotate through different text opacity levelso
Rotate through different window opacity levelsw
Rotate through font sizes (increasing)+
Rotate through font sizes (decreasing)


Pan upw/td>
Pan lefta
Pan dows
Pan rightd
Zoom in+ on numpad or ]
Zoom out– on numpad or [


Controlling Youtube video playback utilizing easy route keys

All over route keys: Increment or lessening video playback volume separately, in full-screen mode, and when the playback zone is chosen.

  • M: Quiet sound on the present video tab.
  • > and < (Move + .) and (Move + ,): Increment and diminishing playback speed individually, up to 4x, or multiple times quicker, and 0.25x, for example multiple times more slow.
  • Route over the video
  • J and L: Move in reverse, and forward individually, in the present video, by 10 seconds.
  • K: Interruption and resume playback of the present video.
  • , (comma) and . (period): Move to the past edge and next edge separately, when the video playback is delayed.
  • 0, 1, 2,… 9: Go to 10% of video playback with 1, 20% with 2, and 90% with 9, etc. You can return to 0% of video playback, or to the start of the video with 0.
  • Home and End: Go to the start and end of the video separately, in full-screen mode, and when the video playback zone is chosen.

Playlist route and inscription controls

  • Move + P: Play the past video of the present playlist, if there is one.
  • Move + N: Play the following video inside the present video playlist, if that exists.
  • C: Flip the inscription show for the present video.
  • O and W: Control the obscurity level of the haziness for the content and foundation of the inscription territory, in the event that it is empowered, inside the video playback.
  • Besides (+) and Short (- ) over the letter set keys: Increment and diminishing the text dimension of the subtitle content, if video inscriptions are empowered.

Exploring over the interface

  • /: The inquiry bar will be chosen, to scan for videos.
  • F: Switch full-screen mode for the video playback.
  • I: Switch little player on YouTube. With the smaller than expected player mode, you can scan for videos, find new videos, and do everything on YouTube, with the video playback in a little region. It is like PIP mode however is restricted uniquely to the YouTube site page.
  • T: Switch theater mode for the video playback zone.
  • Esc: Close the small player or some other current exchange, and setting menus.
  • Alternate way keys for 360-degree videos
  • W, S, An, and D: Climb, down, left, and right individually inside the video.
  • Furthermore (+) on numpad and ]: Zoom into the present video.
  • Short (- ) on numpad and [: Zoom out of the present video.

In conclusion, you can utilize the ‘Move +/’ to see the rundown of extra hotkeys, which are minor however can be valuable for you. Moreover, if new hotkeys are added to make the experience surprisingly better on YouTube, you can discover every one of them on the rundown. The easy route keys are extremely useful to rapidly control video playback and different viewpoints on YouTube and in a few different projects or sites. You should keep the keys convenient.

Along these lines, that was the rundown of alternate way keys that you should know whether YouTube is your preferred stage for amusement. Do you realize some other extraordinary alternate route keys? Don’t hesitate to remark on the equivalent beneath.


Source: How2shout

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