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5 Best AI Chatbots to Grow Business

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AI chatbot

AI Chatbot have come to be an excellent bridge between citizenry and machines. More and more businesses are adopting chatbots to supply website visitors with information and to extend conversions.

What’s more, you don’t get to have the technical knowledge to form a bot.

So, if you’re keen on jumping on the chatbot bandwagon, here are 5 platforms that will help.

1. Imperson

Imperson offers an entire solution for businesses of all sizes to make, manage, and optimize bots.

It is a fantastic platform that will be wont to build live AI chatbot on a spread of channels like Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Slack, Kik, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and beyond.

Its cutting-edge technologies enable brands to leverage authentic conversations and relationships with their customers. Besides, Imperson’s conversation navigator examines conversations, analyses intent, and determines the way to lead the conversation.

2. ManyChat

ManyChat may be a great chatbot builder which will assist you to leverage valuable customer relationships on Facebook Messenger. Its bots can get you more leads, boost engagement, and subsequently, increase sales.

The platform features a clean drag-and-drop interface, making the chatbot-building process fun and seamless for users.


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3. Flow XO

This free AI chatbot platform is highly-sought after, and permanently reason. It helps you create smart bots without having to possess any technical knowledge.

It boasts of a variety of features; a number of them listed as follows:

  • Seamless bot-to-human handoff
  • Customize your chatbot
  • Allows users to style multiple flows
  • Makes multiple integrations possible

4. ItsAlive

ItsAlive is handily one of the simplest chatbot solutions for Facebook messenger.

It enables users to deploy the chatbot on quite one Facebook page during a matter of seconds.

Besides, using ItsAlive, you’ll follow KPIs, gauge your bot’s performance, and continually optimize your chatbot experience.

5. Botsify

Botsify’s intelligent virtual assistants are often made ready to converse in 190+ languages.

It allows you to create bots for multiple platforms, a number of them being Facebook Messenger, Slack, SMS, also as your brand’s website.

With Botsify’s AI chatbots, you’ll save plenty of your time, manpower, and operational costs.

Use this tool, and expect a faster customer response rate, qualified leads, more sales, and better customer retention.

Over to You!

Chatbots are here to revolutionize the way we do business and interact with our customers.

Whether you’re struggling to record satisfactory results, or barely getting started with chatbots, these online platforms can help a lot!

If you’re keen on exploring more AI chatbot platforms, my post on is going to be a useful read.

Moreover, do give the infographic below a glance.


Source: datafloq

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