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What are 5 Good habits to become good Developer?

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career in the field of software engineering

Tips to become good developer

Today I believed regarding sharing the following pointers with you, thus you’ll be able to learn from my expertise, and maybe, even integrate them into your routine as a developer. the constant manner I raise you to be receptive to my suggestions, I’m receptive yours, thus please let American state apprehend what area unit the items that you just do that cause you to an excellent developer.

1. Code for your future self

Some folks say code as if others are attempting to browse and perceive your code, and it’s an excellent piece of recommendation, however, as a result of I’ve been there, once I’m writing code I favor to consider my future self, perhaps a year from currently, returning to the present new operate and having to figure on that. Let American state justify what I mean by this, several years back I had the pleasure of performing on sophisticated|a sophisticated|an advanced} piece of software package that needed American state to code a library to handle the rendering of terribly complicated and dynamic structures. with no doubt, I embrace myself into the task, and thousands of lines of code later it had been a marvel. The library terminated up being at the core of the appliance, it had been heavily all over throughout the appliance, and boy I used to be proud of it. but it had been time on behalf of me to maneuver on to a brand new team and delegate the app to a different team.

2 years later when the transition, I received a decision, seems the app team required to try and do some major redesigns into the library and that they were stuck, so that they asked for my facilitate. when searching for the code once more, 1st I felt a touch unhappy having to figure with it, with a way of pride in however so much the project went. but when a while into the code, I began to notice why they known as an American state, there was no likelihood, some other person may fix this, you recognize why? as a result of not even I may.

I despised that guy, however, may he do that? however, may he assume it had been very easy previously once everything was fresh? I don’t know… And therefore I learned my lesson, at the time I used to be not terribly older, and that I took several shortcuts in documentation and style. Learn from my story, and code for your future self, document as if you’ve got to travel through it everywhere once more, victimisation clear names, don’t build excessively difficult functions, you recognize all of it, don’t forget within the rush of obtaining options out.

Every block that isn’t clear curs a debt to the code, and sooner or later, that debt is paid!

2. Let your commits tell the story

There area unit three varieties of developers during this world once it involves commit messages and that we can explore them all:

  • Too lazy to clarify what I did
  • Messages area unit simply personal and nobody ought to browse them
  • No PR goes through till you fix that message

Too lazy to clarify what I did

Let’s begin with the primary kind. Most people I think to fall under this class, for various reasons we tend to commit in a very rush, or we tend to area unit merely aggravated by it, thus {when we tend to|once we|after we} area unit prompt to enter the message we do the standard “WIP”, “Changed something”, “asdf”, etc.

Why is it thus onerous to put in writing several lines telling what we tend to do? I’ll ne’er know…. and believe American state, “some fixes” is perhaps one in every of my favorite commit messages. If you follow into this class, please do the American state, your team, and yourself a favor, pay an additional two minutes, and have it away properly. It won’t kill your performance, it won’t hurt you…. it’ll simply build your skunk history tell a story.

Messages area unit simply personal and nobody ought to browse them
Another kind isn’t extremely lazy, he/she simply doesn’t care, and why would they? “Commit messages area unit on behalf of me and nobody ought to browse them…” I’ve detected that several times, and if that’s the case and that’s what the team goes for that’s fine, simply do American state a favor, squash your commits after you merge, and place a good message then. If your personal commit history isn’t relevant, erase it from this planet as shortly as your code is unified.

No PR goes through till you fix that message

And, there’s the opposite extreme, and I’ve been there myself also. after you jump from being too lazy, to comprehend however necessary commit messages area unit, you tend to do it, although I in person assume is best, don’t get too sentimental if somebody doesn’t follow everything precisely as you wish. As long because the messages area unit clear enough it ought to be fine.

Find your balance, build significant contributions to your code, and let your history tell the story, it’s necessary, anyone getting into your team would have the benefit of it, and even yourself in some circumstances.

3. Go the additional mile, however no a lot of

There’s the phrase, “Aim for the moon, if you miss, you’ll hit a star.”, and a few folks do this too comes. we tend to get the necessities to create a type to sign in to our story (we simply would like email input and a submit button), however in our heads, we tend to follow a method which fits one thing like this:

  • We need to validate the e-mail
  • We need a operate to validate the e-mail
  • But perhaps they raise America to feature a reputation later, thus let’s generalize the validations with RegEx
  • Maybe RegEx isn’t enough, let’s build a full validation library

Been there? generally what we tend to area unit asked for is easy, and yes, engineer it right, simply don’t do it! you’ll be able to build your code terribly onerous to know, to not mention the quantity of labor that you just got to do prior time for necessities that will ne’er come back. Be good regarding it, abstract once it is sensible, however, keep your code centered on what you would like.

4. Document & take a look at your code

I’m sorry to be the one telling you this, however documenting your code is vital, perhaps boring, however important. I’ve not spoken communication you must write an entire document of everything you propose to vary beforehand, however, do the tiny things, use correct variable names, comment your code, write down the essential steps to put in and run your code, etc. conjointly ensure you take a look at your code, begin a culture for a minimum of maintaining take a look at coverage. If you add code, ensure it’s tested. Testing might be a full section here, except for several is as annoying as documenting thus I’ve determined to merge them along.

Remember, document and take a look at your code, it’ll pay off as new folks be a part of your team, as time goes by while not you performing on it. It’s one in every one of those belongings you ought to simply have it away.

5. never stop learning

In our surroundings, the sole constant is a modification, and therefore we should always modification to stay up. to vary we want to stay learning new things, new frameworks, methodologies, algorithms, techniques, etc.

Always be reading blogs, books, articles, or watch videos, participate in webinars, or training, despite what your methodology is… persevere learning and active, it’s the sole manner you’ll become higher at something, particularly writing.

On your day to day keep in mind the items that cause you to a much better developer. you’ll be able to use my list or build your own, whichever it’s, observe your list daily, and grow your development skills. Introduce these practices to your team, agree on what’s the most effective for your desires, and simply do it!

Remember my steps:

  • Code for your future self
  • Let your commits tell the story
  • Go the additional mile, however no a lot of
  • Document & take a look at your code
  • Never stop learning

Thanks for reading!

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