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500 GB Data hacked from GitHub

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The Shiny Hunters hacking group said it stole 500 GB of knowledge from the tech giant’s repositories on the developer platform, which it owns.

microsoft github hacked
image by pixabay

Hackers have broken into Microsoft’s GitHub account and stolen 500 GB of knowledge from the tech giant’s own private repositories on the developer platform, consistent with published reports.

A group that calls itself Shiny Hunters claims it stole then leaked the info, which didn’t appear to incorporate any critical or sensitive information. the info was then posted on a hacker forum, consistent with multiple reports.

This routine behind the Shiny Hunters cybergang is slightly different than how the group has operated within the past. Researchers last week observed Shiny Hunters stealing log-in data for 91 million users of Indonesia’s largest e-commerce platform, Tokopedia, then selling it on the dark web for $5,000.

In its latest hack, the group provided a screenshot to reporters at news site Hack Read that showed an inventory of personal files from Microsoft’s open-source developer repository to prove their infiltration of the company’s private account. The list includes files like Rust for the Windows Runtime and Wssd Cloud Agent.

“This access led them to download approximately 500 GB of knowledge which they planned to sell initially rebut then later just decided to let it choose free in Robin-Hood style,” consistent with the report.

One way the hackers did that was to post 1 GB of the info on a hacker forum and permit users to access it through the site’s built-in credits, consistent with reports. However, the info used Chinese text and other references that suggested it’d not actually be from Microsoft.

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