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Most used adobe photoshop shortcut key

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adobe photoshop shortcut key

adobe photoshop shortcut key


Before stepping into adobe photoshop shortcut key first let’s have an introduction of Adobe Photoshop


adobe photoshop shortcut key
adobe photoshop shortcut key

Welcome to the Adobe Photoshop Client Guide! Pick a point from the left to discover answers, get bit by bit guidelines, and build up your skills. Not what you’re searching for? Return to Adobe Photoshop Learn and Backing for additional assets.

Dream it. Make it.

Did you know Photoshop isn’t only for photography? It’s additionally utilized in configuration, web, and 3D ventures. Look at a portion of the cool things you can make with this adaptable application.

What’s going on in Photoshop

What’s going on in the May 2020 arrival of Photoshop on the iPad (1.4) and Photoshop work area (21.1.3).

Alter your first photograph

Draw out the best in your photographs with these essential photograph altering methods.

Make reports

Kick off your imaginative activities with a wide assortment of layouts from Adobe Stock and clear presets.

Photoshop | Basic Inquiries

Peruse the authority every now and again posed inquiries (FAQ) about Adobe Photoshop. Find solutions to normal item questions.

Photoshop framework necessities

Framework necessities for running the most recent arrival of Photoshop on macOS and Windows.

adobe photoshop shortcut key
adobe photoshop shortcut key

Let’s move to popular adobe photoshop shortcut key


Free TransformControl + TCommand + T
Toggle between painting and erasing with the same brushHold down ` (grave accent)Hold down ` (grave accent)
Decrease Brush Size[[
Increase Brush Size]]
Decrease Brush Hardness{{
Increase Brush Hardness}}
Rotate the brush tip by 1 degreeLeft Arrow (anti-clockwise),
Right Arrow (clockwise)
Left Arrow (anti-clockwise),
Right Arrow (clockwise)
Rotate the brush tip by 15 degreesShift + Left Arrow (anti-clockwise),
Shift + Right Arrow (clockwise)
Shift + Left Arrow (anti-clockwise),
Shift + Right Arrow (clockwise)
Default Foreground/Background colorsDD
Switch Foreground/Background colorsXX
Fit layer(s) to screenAlt-click layerOption-click layer
New layer via copyControl + JCommand + J
New layer via cutShift + Control + JShift + Command + J
Add to a selectionAny selection tool + Shift-dragAny selection tool + Shift-drag
Delete brush or swatchAlt-click brush or swatchOption-click brush or swatch
Toggle auto-select with the move toolControl-clickCommand-click
Close all open documents other than the current documentCtrl + Alt + PCommand + Option + P
Cancel any modal dialog window (including the Start Workspace)EscapeEscape
Select the first edit field of the toolbarEnterReturn
Navigate between fieldsTabTab
Navigate between fields in the opposite directionTab + ShiftTab + Shift
Change Cancel to ResetAltOption

This are the general adobe photoshop shortcut key I hope this will make your work easier.

Source: Adobe


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