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Adrupy – What is Adrupy ?

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In this article we discuss What is ArduPy. ArduPy may be a combination of Arduino and MicroPython developed by Seeed. you want to have heard of Arduino, Arduino is that the world’s leading open-source hardware and software ecosystem. Arduino may be a popular tool for IoT development also together of the foremost successful tools for STEM/STEAM education. many thousands of designers, engineers, students, developers and manufacturers round the world are using Arduino to innovate in music, games, toys, smart homes, farming, autonomous vehicles, and more.

You must realize Micropython, Micro Python aims to be as compatible with normal Python as possible to permit you to transfer code with ease from the desktop to a microcontroller or embedded system. For more information visit this: Micropython Overview

What is ArduPy ?

ArduPy may be a combination of Arduino and MicroPython developed by Seeed. ArduPy may be a combination of Arduino and MicroPython. ArduPy may be a combination of Arduino and MicroPython. MicroPython uses the universal Arduino API to regulate the hardware in order that it are often compatible with new platforms quickly. With the assistance of the aip package manager we provided, you’ll transform your favorite Arduino library into a MicroPython library. Through ArduPy, you’ll use Python to verify your ideas, learn python programming also as micro-controller programming during a more efficient way.

ArduPy consists of two parts, one is that the ArduPy Core, and therefore the other part is that the Arduino Library Python wrapper. ArduPy Core is Pyboard-friendly and supports basic hardware operations on the board.
Why choose ArduPy?

  • It can experience complete python 3 on embedded devices with limited resources
  • Compatible with Visual Studio Code, easy installation & easy configuration
  • Support for easy file systems
  • Support for automatic running of when reset
  • Support serial terminal interaction
  • Rich third party library

How to Install and Use ArduPy IDE

Install dependencies

First we’d like to put in Python3 and Aip package manager.

Install Python 3 – Download and install Python 3

Install the Aip package manager – Aip may be a package manager for converting Arduino Libraries into Python interfaces.

Use pip to put in the ardupy-aip. Run the subsequent command:

pip3 install ardupy-aip

Install the ArduPy IDE

To use ArduPy, we’d like to use another IDE aside from Arduino IDE to compile (and upload) the MicroPython code into our device.
Installing Steps

  1. Download and install the Visual Studio Code IDE consistent with your OS.
  2. Open the Extensions Market in VS Code by clicking the Extensions on the left panel or use the keyboard shortcut: Shift+CTRL+X in
  3. Windows or Shift+CMD+X in Mac Os.
  4. Search Seeed ArduPy IDE within the Extension Market.
  5. Click Install to put in the IDE plug-in.
  6. Once installed the Seeed ArduPy IDE plug-in in VS code, you’ll start twiddling with MicroPython!

Connecting with the Device

We connect the device within the next tutorial. So stay tuned with us.
Useful Links :

  • GitHub
  • Wiki
  • Forum

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