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5 AI Companies Tackling corona pandemic

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All of the knowledge here are the words that you simply read on social media, chats, news channels, advertisements, companies’ taglines, and even hear it over calls (thanks to mandatory IVR warnings). Below are five conversational AI companies that try to tackle COVID-19 misinformation.

IVR isn’t just confined to mentions. Almost most are trying to offer out information and solutions, often without fact-checked information — which affects the banking industry — and most companies too. The distribution of the proper information via appropriate channels is crucial at now of COVID to avoid any misinformation.

About 51 percent of the survey respondents by Statista agreed that they’re concerned when facts are spun and twisted, then pushed for a specific agenda through fake journalism. On the opposite hand, 32 percent of the respondents appeared to think satire was a priority in terms of faux news.

To affect this issue, AI-Assisted Virtual Assistants are proven to be the foremost effective tools. Government organizations and enterprises are leveraging Digital assistants as a key strategy for communication. Enterprises aren’t far behind.

It is especially crucial to supply correct information to your end-users in real-time ( when the user needs the information). The time of an epidemic is such a time.

For users, they will believe the knowledge because it is coming from a trusted source. Facebook’s latest bot check was tallied at quite 33,000 — and Gartner anticipated that 85 percent of customer engagement would be handled without human mediation sooner instead of later.

Can you find trusted information at the pandemic time?

If you’re wondering where are you able to find the trusted information, let me list down five companies –especially for INDIA. we’ve to possess trusted Conversational AI Solutions. The AI solutions are helping raise awareness among the mass and giving out information from India Government approved organizations:

1. Sprinklr

Facebook launched a COVID-19 chatbot for Messenger also as WhatsApp in partnership with the planet Health Organization, with the assistance of Sprinklr. WHO chatbot provides updates on COVID-19, like latest numbers, travel advice, precautionary measures, and debunks myths too. it had been a tremendous move by WHO as Facebook Messenger has over 1.3 billion monthly active users and WhatsApp has 2 billion users.

It is called the WHO’s Health Alert interactive service, it is often accessed from the WHO’s official page on Facebook or WhatsApp users can save the amount to their phone contacts, and easily send a “Hi” to start or alternatively can send a message on the WHO’s official Facebook page by using “Send Message” button. you’ll chat with WHO’s chatbot in English, Spanish and Arabic. As per Facebook, the WHO chatbot on WhatsApp has seen over 12 million users.

2. Yellow Messenger

Yellow Messenger (India) is understood for its Enterprise ready Conversational AI platform with 100+ clients in India, South East Asia, Middle East, and Europe. Yellow Messenger has helped enterprises with Telephony Smart Assistant, Chat Smart Assistant, WhatsApp for Business Automation, and Omni-Channel Digital Assistant with an integrated engagement suite consisting of AI-enabled ticketing, notifications, user-management to drive enterprise growth.

Yellow Messenger added in its portfolio the National Health Organisation of India, Government of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Punjab, on the decision of the Indian Prime Minister to Indian SaaS to intensify with leading-edge technology.

National Health Organisation of India with the assistance of Bangalore based Conversational AI startup Yellow Messenger has launched Chatbot on its website on the 2nd of April this year as a result of the Covid-19 virus. The NHA chatbot provides information to its Indian Citizens about the coronavirus symptoms, and the way it’s transmitted.

Preventive measures are often taken as a safeguard against the virus, and official government helplines for further information. The Indian government is providing assistance also because the nearest health centers users can visit for getting tested.

More than 25 thousand queries from the 4 thousand users are answered since its deployment. The NHA Chatbot is out there in English and Hindi, with Hinglish support within the works. aside from this, Yellow Messenger has helped the govt of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, and Punjab launch their respective Chatbot on Facebook messenger to supply the proper information regarding COVID-19 to the general public.

Since the outbreak, Facebook has observed up to 70% longer spent across its apps since the crisis arrived within the country. These two chatbots support Hindi and you’ll chat with them by using the send message button on Facebook’s Messenger.

3. Haptik

Haptik Infotech Pvt Ltd may be a Mumbai based Conversational AI firm, 87 percent owned by Reliance Jio. Indian Government with the assistance of Haptik launched MyGov Corona Helpdesk — the official Government of India chatbot on WhatsApp within the 3rd week of March 2020 before the infamous lockdown.

The action here was one among the very first initiatives by the govt of India and Prime Minister Narendra Modi to boost awareness among the Indian Citizens. Users can send a message on Whatsapp for queries associated with COVID-19. aside from all the updates on COVID-19, Users can access additional resource links provided by the chatbot to find out more about the coronavirus.

4. Google Cloud

Everyone is conscious of Google Cloud and having used one among their products at one or the opposite stage of their life. Google Cloud focuses on helping businesses tackle challenges head-on with cloud computing services from Google, including data management, hybrid & multi-cloud, and AI and ML.

Google Cloud launched an AI chatbot on the 8th of April 2020. The chatbot is named the Rapid Response Virtual Agent program. The program is meant for Google Cloud customers to urge responses more quickly to queries regarding the COVID-19.

It is also designed for organizations that require to be ready to provide information associated with the COVID-19 pandemic to their customers, like government agencies, healthcare, and public health organizations, also as travel, financial services, and retail industries. Google also offers Contact Center AI chatbot for 24/7 self-service support on COVID-19 questions via a chatbot or over the phone.

5. Verloop

The Government of Goa with the assistance of Bengaluru based automation firm Verloop has unrolled a Chatbot called Cobot-19 together with Portea Medical. The bot can answer queries on COVID-19 in English and Konkani, with Hindi support within the works.

Cobit-19 is deployed on WhatsApp and it can help clarify doubts about COVID-19 and supply info on precautions to be taken to avoid getting exposed to the virus. Cobot-19 will disseminate information associated with coronavirus through data gathered from trusted sources including the planet Health Organization (WHO), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and Johns Hopkins.

The world is during a state of panic and desperate for solutions. With the abundance of data floating online and nobody to watch it, complications could increase. The IT ministry finally had to intensify and affect the matter by issuing an advisory for social media platforms — Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. they’re trying to make sure effective and quick action against any online content spreading misinformation.

Business and Government face an enormous gap after the decision centers are pack up and fear binds them that the probabilities of queries going unanswered have increased. But AI-powered Chatbots have helped clear that gap. Businesses and Government bodies have deployed Chatbots across the foremost popular platforms to assist the mass with their queries on pandemic and queries associated with the business.

The exchange of messages has increased within the past month as per the newest studies. consistent with Facebook messaging on their platforms has increased by over 50%, which is a rise of 1000% compared to last month. Although there’ll always be a requirement for human interference, even when chatbots with AI are deployed, the coronavirus outbreak has demonstrated just how valuable this automated technology are often for state and enterprises alike working during a time of crisis.

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