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AI and Machine Learning Tackling cyber security threats

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cyber security threats

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cyber security Threats

Advanced AI (AI) and machine learning tools are getting increasingly critical in detecting and combatting cyber threats. this is often consistent with Stefaan Hinderyckx, Senior vice chairman, Security – Europe at NTT Ltd. speaking at the virtual NTT European Digital Press Roundtable 2020 on May 13, 2020.

According to Hinderyckx, with organizations now handling such a lot of data, including a current shortage of cybersecurity experts, identifying security threats efficiently and quickly is merely possible using these technologies.

He said the worldwide technology services company gets around 280 billion logs per month across all its clients; these are often reduced to 1000 possible threats through its automated AI and machine learning tools, which utilize complex mathematical techniques like pattern matching and advanced correlation. NTT’s analysts can then specialize in investigating these potential threats closely.

“We have this massive haystack and that we put that into a manageable number of incidents that analysts can still check out,” commented Hinderyckx. “You still need humans; machine learning and AI cannot completely replace our analysts, but you’ll simply roll in the hay far more efficiently and therefore the need for speed, in fact, is there because you can’t wait five hours from the logs coming in and flagging the alert, it’s to be near real-time.”

Hinderyckx also stated how these technologies also are ready to devour new threats that conventional security analysis techniques, like security information and event management (SIEM), find difficult to spot. He gave the instance of the emerging threat of zero-day exploits. “By using AI we’re effectively addressing the white space,” he added.


source: infosecurity magazine

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