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Android 11 DP3

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Android 11 DP3 tests letting you resize picture-in-picture windows

Earlier today, Google released Android 11 Developer Preview 3 for Pixel devices. I installed the newest build onto my Pixel 3a XL and are documenting what I’ve found thus far (a more detailed article is soon to come!) one among the more interesting new features we discovered during this release is that the ability to resize picture-in-picture windows. This feature is currently in testing and isn’t enabled by default, however.

Google introduced picture-in-picture windows to Android smartphones in Android 8.0 Oreo. you’ll open a video during a picture-in-picture window in supported applications by pressing the house button or performing the house gesture when the video is playing. By default, the PiP window floats on top of the screen within the bottom right-hand corner, but the user can move the PiP window around or dismiss it by dragging it to rock bottom of the screen.

In Android 11 DP2, Google added code for resizing PiP windows under the PipResizeGestureHandler class in SystemUI, but the feature wasn’t yet functional. In Android 11 DP3, though, the power to resize picture-in-picture windows is now fully functional after manually issuing a development command. PiP windows are often resized by touching right outside one among the four corners then dragging outward or inward to expand or shrink the window, respectively. The ratio of the window are going to be maintained when resizing so on not distort the video.
As you’ll see within the screen recording above, I launched a YouTube video into a PiP window then enlarged the window by dragging outward near the corners. Placing your finger on the precise area where you would like to initiate the resize gesture may be a bit tricky, but I managed to resize the window twice within the video. We don’t know if Google plans on releasing this feature within the stable Android 11 release, but we’ll keep an eye fixed out thereon for further developments.

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