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what are 5 Features of AngularJs

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angular js

Which is that the most enjoyable App Development Framework? Most will say Angular.Js Framework, Why? Because it’s the potential of frontend development that competes with the likes of React and HTML. When the event world was discovering Web 2.0, it started using the frontend development for more dynamic content.

This was the window of opportunity for businesses to make more user-friendly apps and web-apps. it’s mostly known for single-page applications. consistent with SimilarTech, Angular.Js is getting used by giants like, Youtube, and lots of others with a userbase of quite 75K websites alone within the US.

Angular.Js Development has seen huge traction over the years. And most of the Mobile Applications are for extending the websites to mobile devices.

So, let’s discover some amazing features of Angular.Js development for your business.

1. Data-Binding:

data binding what are 5 Features of AngularJs
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If you think about your business model as a source of knowledge aggregation. It can assist you to realize the changes in an application through a tweak within the data. Thus, data binding is one of the good features of Angular.Js. it’ll allow you to save lots of time on coding. It reduces the necessity for rewriting your boilerplate codes.

Any web app may contain 80% of its original codebase. The codebase traverses, manipulate, document object model, or DOM. But, the info binding feature makes this codebase redundant. So, you’ll specialize in building your app.

In simpler terms, traditionally a developer mediated the user interaction with the system to form changes within the model manually through DOM. But, with two -way data binding, you only got to make changes within the model to possess a projection view on the app. So, you don’t need the tedious job of writing the codes manually whenever.

2. the convenience Of Templates:

What makes Angular.Js the foremost exciting frontend technology is templates. In Angular.Js, these templates don’t need complex input. it’s basic HTML scripts as input. A template is just plain HTML. However, the HTML script is extended to incorporate several commands that direct the projection view of the model.

These templates are parsed by browser DOM. The Angular.Js traverses these templates for rendering commands referred to as directives. These directives found out the info binding for a model for creating a superb representation of knowledge in your apps. Thus, you’ll visualize each change that you simply make in your interface on the app.

3. MVC Pattern:

mvc in angular what are 5 Features of AngularJs
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Angular.Js uses the MVC pattern. MVC stands for Model-View-Controller and may be a vital architecture for app development. The model may be a data source that’s connected to the controller. The controller manipulates data from the model and showcases lead to the view.

But, with Angular.Js, the MVC pattern isn’t purely implemented. instead of that, it uses an MVVM or MOdel-View-View-Model pattern through a two-way data binding method. It keeps the info be the due to model to look at and consider to model synchronized.

4. Dependency Injection:



It is one among the foremost vital features of an app development framework for any business. Angular.Js comes with an in-built dependency injection system. So, it makes the event and testing of apps tons easier for Angular.Js developers.

Any application has several services that are inter-dependant. The DI or dependency injection within the Angular.Js helps you with pre-defined dependencies among services. So, you are doing not got to have a look for them or maybe create new ones.

When you got to add a service to your app for your users, you only got to set it as an Angular.Js parameter. And it’ll automatically inject the required dependency thereon service. So, you get an instance for it.



We already saw how directives are liable for the projection view of models. Directives are the foremost sort after feature in Angular.Js. have you ever ever thought of making some browser tricks for your web apps? Well, directives in Angular.Js can assist you achieve that.

You can use Angular.Js development services to embellish elements of your web-apps. It also helps to vary the DOM attributes. It can help developers to make widgets for apps. it’s the facility of letting you create custom HTML tags for your apps.


image credit webdevelopmentpark

AngularJs Framework is pure fun to figure around. But, if you’re a business, you would like professional frontend development. So, choose an App Development Company that has Angular.Js expertise. it’ll assist you to build amazing apps and web-apps for your businesses.

It is one of the foremost loved frontend development technologies in e-Commerce Development. because it has the facility of making single-page applications. you’ll believe its robust architecture to make more user-friendly apps. So, if you’re trying to find an AngularJs Development Company to spice up your business. Then look no further. be happy to contact us.

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