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Exposure Notification API by Google to support public health

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Google launches New API to support public health agencies

One of the foremost effective techniques that public health officials have used during outbreaks is named contact tracing. Through this approach, public health officials contact, test, treat and advise people that may are exposed to an affected person. One new element of contact tracing is Exposure Notifications: using privacy-preserving digital technology to inform someone they’ll are exposed to the virus. Exposure Notification has the precise goal of rapid notification, which is particularly important to slowing the spread of the disease with an epidemic which will be spread asymptomatically.

To help, Apple and Google cooperated to create Exposure Notifications technology which will enable apps created by public health agencies to figure more accurately, reliably and effectively across both Android phones and iPhones. Over the last several weeks, our two companies have worked together, reaching bent public health officials, scientists, privacy groups and government leaders everywhere the planet to urge their input and guidance.

Starting today, our Exposure Notifications technology is out there to public health agencies on both iOS and Android. What we’ve built isn’t an app—rather public health agencies will incorporate the API into their own apps that folks install. Our technology is meant to form these apps work better. Each user gets to make a decision whether or to not opt-in to Exposure Notifications; the system doesn’t collect or use location from the device; and if an individual is diagnosed with COVID-19, it’s up to them whether or to not report that within the public health app. User adoption is vital to success and that we believe that these strong privacy protections also are the simplest thanks to encourage use of those apps.

Today, this technology is within the hands of public health agencies across the planet who will take the lead and that we will still support their efforts.

source: googblogs

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