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use of AR/VR Technology

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AR/VR Technology

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AR/VR Technology

A survey of tech execs found high enterprise adoption rates of both augmented reality (AR) and computer game (VR), alongside sizable productivity and noticeable cost savings.

Commissioned by cloud AR/VR solution provider Grid Raster, the survey found that 56% of companies have implemented some sort of mobile AR/VR technology, and another 35% are considering doing so.

One-quarter of these surveyed said they need fully deployed solutions and are looking to proportion AR/VR use, and with the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to vary the way the planet works, there is no better time to try to so.

Grid Raster COO Dijam Panigrahi said the recent COVID-19 pandemic may speed AR/VR adoption, “especially as companies of all sizes look to implement more virtual design into their workflows to attenuate human interaction.”

The top uses for AR/VR found within the survey reflect several of the highest use cases for AR/VR previously covered by TechRepublic:

  • 60% are using it to virtually supplement labor on production floors;
  • 53% are using it for virtual customer visits;
  • 53% for virtual design and merchandise engineering;
  • 26% are using it to coach employees.

The survey specializes in AR and VR for mobile devices makes use during COVID-19 lockdowns even more practical: most of the people have a smartphone or tablet, then most can access AR training, customers can have technicians visit their homes to diagnose problems without ever setting foot inside, and designers can collaborate on 3D models from miles apart.

Organizations adopting mobile AR and VR for business have also reported productivity increases, which might be an enormous boon for businesses handling lost productivity thanks to newly remote workers unaccustomed to the distractions of performing at home. Some 29% of these surveyed reported a 25% increase in productivity.

AR/VR seem to be paying off for businesses adding them to their enterprise infrastructure: 61% of respondents say that leveraging AR or VR have resulted during a 20% cost savings.

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