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Best programming languages for Ethical Hacking

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Today we are going to see Three best programming languages for ethical hacking before that let’s see.

What is Ethical Hacking?

Ethical Hacking is a licensed practice of bypassing system security to spot potential data breaches and threats during a network. the corporate that owns the system or network allows Cyber Security experts to perform such activities so as to check the system’s defenses. Thus, unlike malicious hacking, this process is planned, approved, and more importantly, legal.

ethical hacker best programming languages for ethical hacking
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Ethical hackers aim to research the system or network for weak points that malicious hackers can exploit or destroy. They collect and analyze the knowledge to work out ways to strengthen the safety of the system/network/applications. By doing so, they will improve the safety footprint in order that it can better withstand attacks or divert them.

Ethical Hackers check for key vulnerabilities include but aren’t limited to:

  • Injection attacks
  • Changes in security settings
  • Exposure of sensitive data
  • Breach in authentication protocols
  • Components utilized in the system or network which will be used as access points

To become Ethical hacker now question arises which is the best programming languages for ethical hacking?

Best programming languages for Ethical Hacking

  1. python: The de-facto language for hacking programming, python is heralded as the best programming language for ethical hacking and for good reason so. Ethical hackers often use this dynamic programming language for scripting their on-demand hacking programs on the go.  From testing the integrity of corporate servers to automation most of your hacking programs, python lest you do almost anything if used the right way.
  2. SQL: SQL stands for structured Query Language and is one of the most favorite hacking programming languages for ethical hackers. This programming language is used to query and fetch information from the database. As most web-based software store valuable information like user credentials in some form of a database, SQL is the best programming language for hacking into corporate databases. Without a complete understanding of SQL, you will not be able to counteract database attacks.
  3. C: The low-level nature of C provides an edge over other languages used for hacking programming when it comes to accessing low-level hardware components such as the RAM. C also gives penetration testers the ability to write blazing fast socket programming scripts.

These were some best programming languages for ethical hacking. I hope you like it.

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