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Best Python IDE and Code Editors

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Top python IDE and Code Editors for python

Python is one of the famous programming languages which was published in 1991 for the primary time. Since then, its three major variations have been released. Recently, it has experienced a resurgence in its recognition among developers. Despite the presence of numerous programming languages, it will become well-known mostly due to efficiency, space, and versatility. This language has additionally become the “GitHub’s second-most famous language” and “the maximum popular language for device learning”. To honor this reputation, we’ll talk about the best IDEs or the Editors for Python.

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But before going any further, allow’s first understand about the IDE or the code editors…
IDE is brief for Integrated Development Environment which a developer uses for software improvement. Some of them are particular to programming languages while others support numerous languages. IDE can beautify the programmer’s efficiency by offering various equipment for making programming fast.

Typically, it consists of three core elements i.E. An editor for writing the code, build an automation device for code compilation, and a debugger for debugging the program. Apart from these, most of the IDE consists of many extra functions like unit testing, supply code library, item modeling, and others.

Python IDE

Contrary to this, a code editor may be as easy as a textual content editor having code formatting competencies and syntax highlighting. These additionally allow developers to write down the code for growing any software and may even shop small textual content files for the code. In comparison, IDE affords greater capabilities but code editors are fast and spring in small sizes. Some of the superior code editors now even have the capabilities for executing the code and debugging it to remedy any errors.

What Makes Any Coding Environment Good For Python Programming Language?
Although, there are a whole lot of capabilities which each developer must appearance in an IDE however the notable ones are:

  • Ability to shop and reload code files
  • Run code from within the environment
  • Debugging help
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Auto code formatting
  • Keeping those and some other functions in mind, permit’s take a look at a number of the high-quality IDEs or editors for Python.

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Best Python IDE Or Coding Editors!
Most Popular Development Environments- 2019
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Now, it’s clear that Python is one of the maximum popular and effective programming languages inside the world. And already there is various gear available for this language but the use of them for larger programming projects can lead you to unsatisfactory results.

To tackle this, several IDE has already been evolved for Python which makes the whole method of programming lots easier. But amongst all, deciding on the proper ones again turns into tough for the programmers.

Fear Not, Programmers! We deliver you this newsletter to demystify some of the quality IDEs or editors for Python. However, we can’t select the proper one for you but for sure, we can uncover the details of some of the pleasant Python-associated IDEs or code editors.

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Let’s Begin…

Python Specific Editors

1. PyCharm


PyCharm python IDE
python IDE

Category- IDE
Platform- Windows, Linux, and Mac

It is one of the nice and simplest full-featured Python-unique IDE that’s evolved using JetBrains who is also the author of IntelliJ IDEA, WebStorm, and PhpStorm. PyCharm gives innumerable cutting-edge functions and offers smart help to the builders. This IDE enables the builders to put in writing neat and maintainable codes that complement their productivity. Additionally, it is available in each paid and loose versions.


  • Intelligent code editor and smart code navigation
  • Integrated with debugging, testing, deployments, gear of the database, and other capabilities.
  • Supports JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Angular JS and other languages
  • Error detection and brief fixing
  • Powerful integration with IPython notebook and medical stack
  • Customizable interface
  • Rich Community


  • Slow to load
  • Default settings may want tweaking
  • The initial set up is probably tough

2. Spyder

Spyder python IDE
python IDE

Category- IDE
Platform- QT, Windows, Linux, and Mac

It is an open-source IDE that is famous for Python improvement. Spyder is a totally extensible IDE that was particularly evolved for scientists and engineers for providing a systematic environment. This IDE additionally integrates properly with popular libraries related to information technology such as NumPy, SciPy, and Matplotlib. Among countless features, one of the unique functions it possesses is “variable explorer”. This feature shows facts to any developer in a table-based total layout within the IDE itself. If you are into facts science work and make use of Python then there’s a higher hazard of you to love this IDE.


  • Offers a complicated degree of enhancing, debugging and information exploration
  • Good plugin system and API
  • Syntax highlighting and vehicle code crowning glory
  • Powerful integrations with iPython console
  • Can explore and edit variables from GUI itself


  • Experienced Python developers might locate this IDE too simple to work with
  • The performance receives reduced whilst several plugins are invoked on the identical time


3. Thonny

Thonny python IDE
python IDE

Category- IDE
Platform- Windows, Linux, and Mac

Thonny is one of the most current ideas which joined the Python’s IDE family. It is one of the first-class IDE for beginners having no or little revel in Python and is maintained by way of the Institute of Computer Science at the University of Tartu in Estonia. When it comes to its capabilities, Thonny is very basic and simple and, you may find all the installation instructions on its website.


  • Simple debugger
  • An accurate representation of function calls
  • Highlighting mistakes and auto code completion
  • No-hassle variables
  • Beginner friendly system shell
  • Simple and clean GUI
  • Explains scope by using spots highlighting



  • Lack of aid for templates
  • The interface is restricted to text enhancing

4. Wing Python IDE

Wing Python IDE python IDE
python IDE

Category- IDE
Platform- Windows, Linux, and Mac

This IDE is designed especially for improvement in Python and is derived in 3 exceptional editions i.E. a hundred and one, Personal and Pro. Among all, the 101 version is the handiest model having a minimalist debugger, primary editor, and easy seek. While the Pro model consists of all of the superior capabilities together with big code inspection, remote development, unit testing, refactoring, and others.


Intelligent editor, automobile-of completion, inline errors detection and code fine analysis
Auto-enhancing, refactoring, code folding, multi-selection, customizable code snippets
Powerful debugger
Easy code navigation with goto-definition, find makes use of, powerful multi-document seek and others
Integrated unit testing
Remote development


  • It does not support the darkish theme
  • Expensive commercial version


General Editors and IDEs with Python Support


1. Visual Studio

Category- IDE
Platform- Windows and Mac

Visual Studio Homepage
python IDE

Visual Studio is a complete IDE that is built with the aid of Microsoft for Windows and Mac OS only. It is available in both unfastened and paid versions and can be used for the development of mobile-primarily based apps, Azure-based apps, games, databases, and others. Visual Studio helps C, C++, C#, Visual Basic .NET, JavaScript, TypeScript, XML, HTML, CSS and others. However, you could upload plugins for other languages like Python, Ruby, M, Node.Js, and others.


  • Live coding assistance
  • IntelliSense with autocompletion
  • Quick debugger
  • Rigorous testing
  • Team collaboration
  • Customizable
  • You can enlarge its functionalities with a mess of extensions and upload-ons


  • Not available for Linux
  • Slow to start
  • Because of several functions, it is clearly heavy

2. Eclipse+PyDev

Eclipse homepage
python IDE

Category- IDE
Platform- Windows, Linux, and Mac

Eclipse is one of the maximum used IDE by using the builders. It presents a rich set of extensions and add-ons. One such extension is PyDev that is typically used for Python-associated development with Eclipse. The combination of Eclipse and PyDev permits a developer to code extra effectively with the aid of supplying numerous capabilities. Moreover, installing PyDev in Eclipse is also very easy.


  • If Eclipse is installed, then you could easily and quickly upload PyDev.
  • Debugger
  • Interactive console
  • Refactoring
  • Token browser
  • Strong syntax highlighting and code folding
  • Code finishing touch and analysis



  • Sometimes PyDev becomes unstable
  • If you’re a novice then the usage of Eclipse could be difficult
  • PyDev overall performance decreases with more than one plugins

3. Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code
python IDE

Category- Code Editor
Platform- Windows, Linux, and Mac

A lot of humans confuse the Visual Studio Code with Visual Studio. Well, Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code are two one-of-a-kind things. Visual Studio is an entire IDE whereas, Visual Studio Code (aka VSC or VS Code) is a full-featured code editor. VSC is a light, extensible, exceptionally configurable, and open-supply editor. Similar to Atom, VSC is also constructed on Atom and can be used for many programming languages together with Python. In fact, putting in Python is very clean which makes this editor popular amongst Python developers.


  • Syntax highlighting
  • Auto code final touch with IntelliSense, snippets and code refactoring
  • Powerful debugger
  • Git integration
  • Easy customization
  • Completely portable
  • Multi-language help
  • Smart interface


  • Slow searching
  • Longer launch time
  • Lacks a few features of a whole IDE
  • To study more approximately Visual Studio Code, you could study: Visual Studio Code Is So Popular But Why?

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4. Sublime Text

Sublime Text Homepage
python IDE

Category- Code Editor
Support- Windows, Linux, and Mac

It is another famous code editor which supports all of the platforms. Sublime Textual content is developed on C++ and Python and includes Python API. This code editor has built-in aid for Python code editing and consists of hundreds of extensions (packages) that can expand its functionality.


  • Go To Anything for a short navigation to symbols, lines or words
  • Go To Definition for mechanically producing a challenge-extensive index of every class, method, and function.
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Auto code finishing touch
  • Command palette
  • Fast, small and properly-supported
  • Highly customizable
  • Allows split editing and instant assignment switch
  • Powerful API


  • Weak Git plugin
  • Installation may be tricky
  • No direct guide for executing or debugging code in the editor

5. Atom

Atom Homepage
python IDE

Category- Code Editor
Support- Windows, Linux, and Mac

Atom is a code editor and is constructed with the Electron framework that’s used to constructed computer applications the use of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. It is an ideal editor having “cheats” for each problem and due to this, the editor is likewise called a “hackable” textual content editor of the 21st century. Atom is unfastened and is based on atom shells which can be a framework helping developers to achieve cross-platform functionality. Numerous plugins are to be had for Atom making it extra customizable and increasing its functions. Moreover, it can additionally be used as an IDE.


  • Supports cross-platform
  • Built-in package manager
  • Smart and flexible car code crowning glory
  • Plugins support
  • Multiple panes
  • Simple to use
  • Support from GitHub crew
  • Downloads and hundreds of fast


Tabs are clumsy and sometimes, reduces the overall performance
No built-in debugger but is provided as an add-on using the community

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6. Vim

VIM Homepage
python IDE

Category- Code Editor
Platform- Windows, Linux, Mac OS, IOS, Android, UNIX, AmigaOS, and MorphOS

Vim is a famous editor which can be used for developing or enhancing any kind of text. It is exceptionally configurable and a totally strong text editor. With each new release, it receives better and better, enhancing its performance fine.


  • Persistent
  • Supports more than one platforms
  • Highly configurable
  • Extensive plugins
  • Supports more than one programming languages
  • Provides normal and modifying mode to the users
  • You can store and reuse the strings in VIM
  • Supports non-programming applications


  • Difficult to study on the beginning
  • Just a textual content editor
  • Poor assist for external tooling
  • Wrapping Up!
  • Time

Indeed among myriads of options, deciding on the proper IDE is hard however in case you recognize your needs then this task becomes simpler. In this article, we will locate the proper IDE for you (as of course, we don’t understand your needs) however we’ve got mentioned a number of the maximum popular IDE and editors which programmers used for the improvement at some stage in the world. Here, we’ve got tried to cowl all of the critical aspects of every one of them such as all of the major functions and cons. I’ll hope that this list could be beneficial for you all amazing programmers!

So, there you go. What do you think? Which one is your favored IDE for development with Python? Mention your opinions in the comment section under and allow others to know about a number of the great Python-associated IDEs and code editors. Till then, Keep Reading & Keep Growing!!

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