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Growth of automation(chatbots) also increases the growth of Business

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Growth of business using chatbot

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Dramatically grow your business with the utilization of automation

What is a Conversational UI?

A Conversational User Interface(UI) may be a computer virus designed to simulate a conversation with human users. this will be done over TEXT employing a chatbot or chatterbot, or it is often done over VOICE, employing a voice assistant. Some popular voice assistant examples are Siri and Alexa. they’re increasingly used for business purposes in every industry. Conversational UIs are utilized in various industries to help humans in their task to the purpose that we also name them virtual assistants.
Projected increased use of chatbots in 2020 and beyond

Conversational UIs are performing better and better and in 2020, we will see an increase in AI-powered chatbots. Chatbots are getting increasingly useful and important in everyday professional life . they assist to scale back cost, save time, and increase revenue. consistent with MarketsandMarketsAnalysis, from a 2.6B USD market in 2019, it’s forecasted that chatbot technology will represent a 9.4B USD market by 2024.

Conversational UIs are utilized in an increasing number of companies for various purposes. they will be wont to schedule appointments or meetings also as sending reminders. they will be your listening ear once you feel down, because of progress made within the field of tongue Processing technologies (NLP) or for customer service purposes. They can also be your assistant while you’re shopping online and assist you find the simplest deals. they’re also utilized in marketing and to assist increase conversion rate.

Type of chatbots and what powers them

Conversational UI is often rule-based or AI-powered, counting on the features your business needs.

A rule-based based conversational UI will operate employing a decision tree. they’re the foremost limited one. It doesn’t mean that they can’t handle complicated tasks but the difference with AI bots is that they can’t operate outside of defined rules. In such a system, the bot will ask you questions and can narrow down the query by asking you more and more precise inquiries to offer you a final answer. for instance, if you’re within the health business, you’ll enjoy a symbol checker to assist you to perform triage supported the patient’s state. for instance, the bot may ask you where your pain is, then it could ask the patient to rank the pain from 1 to 10. The next question might be asking if there are other symptoms (eg. bleeding or fever, etc). because the user answers the various questions, the bot is going to be ready to provide an accurate answer and set the patient priority to high, medium, or low. Maybe the patient would wish to travel to the ER immediately or just book a meeting within the subsequent few days. Such a feature would be of great help to reassure patients and help improve medical services efficiency.

An AI-powered conversational UI will have the facility to enhance itself over time using the info fed to him whenever a user adds inputs to the system. this may improve the accuracy of the system. The thanks to adding intelligence to a chatbot are that the use of tongue Processing technology. this is often a sub-domain of AI at the crossroads with linguistics, statistics, computing, and knowledge engineering.

Voice assistants also will need the utilization of Speech recognition and Speech-to-Text technologies in conjunction with tongue Processing technology so as to become ‘smarter’. Smart is between brackets here as true human-like intelligence doesn’t exist at the instant within the field of AI.

Machine learning (a set of statistical techniques for problem-solving) and Deep learning which involves running data through a group of neurons may be a subfield of Machine Learning. Deep Learning represents the closest imitation of how a person’s brain works with neurons. Machine Learning and Deep Learning are other subfields of AI which may be wont to perform tongue Processing tasks. tongue Processing is additionally used for sentiment analysis tasks.

The computer program will develop how to answer queries after analyzing words and contextualize them together so as to form sense and to be ready to answer customer’s queries appropriately. this is often also the way Google program works. The program will check out a group of keywords in a piece of writing and can associate them together to form a sense of the article by contextualization. For both the chatbot and therefore the program, the utilization of tongue Processing will improve the general user experience by handling the user’s request with greater accuracy.

In the end, it’s not an issue to understand whether you ought to use an AI chatbot or a rule-based one, you’ll be off with a “simple” rule-based chatbot following a strict set of selections. it’s going to be a far better use than an AI chatbot counting on your business needs. More complex and expensive doesn’t necessarily mean this is often the simplest answer to your business needs. Also, you are doing not necessarily got to switch to a fully automated system from day one, sometimes a mixture of a chatbot and live chat are often very effective and can provide an improved business workflow.

How can chatbots be improved over time

Bots initially start out fairly basic but the great thing is that it is often temporary which we will improve the system with proper testing and data collection. Here may be a timeline of how chatbots are often improved on over time:

In this section, let’s use the instance of a medical clinic. in fact, a chatbot is often applied to most business models. This busy practice is trialing a chatbot for triage purposes so as to ascertain the foremost urgent cases first and supply reassurance for patients that are only coming for a review. The bot can then potentially schedule them certain a telehealth consultation where you’ll review them at a less busy time over a video call or schedule them certainly a meeting on another day, or it can alert the Dr responsible and schedule during a same-day appointment if deemed urgent.

BETA bot release

After being tested, bots should be used on a little pool of staff and choose patients and be warned that they’re in beta testing. Thereafter, after testing your bot under various circumstances, the bot would be released live. Steady improvement of the system is formed by continually feeding the bot with newly acquired data, helping to enhance accuracy over time. This process can initially seem tedious and time-consuming, making it slower to implement effective AI Conversational UI but eventually, the method can pay off.

Refine the algorithm

As the algorithm is refined using new data input of the sort of patients and therefore the commonest requests, and since tongue Processing technology evolves daily at great speed, the bot will gradually evolve and grow to serve the precise and unique needs of your clinic. it’ll function as a 24-hour system to supply information, provide reassurance and alert the nurse or doctor should the necessity arise.


Regulations are important and necessary. Governments and medical regulatory bodies are stepping in additional aggressively so as to supply a secure framework to guard patient data. for instance, it’s possible to auto-destruct conversational data after its use. However, the conversation also can be downloaded into the patient’s clinic records as a part of medico-legal requirements. this will be done by the bot system without the need for an extra time period on the part of the doctor/clinic staff. this may also lessen the likelihood of scribing mistakes.

Conversational UI, chatbots, and voice assistants development are exciting software solutions with the potential to bring a positive impact to any business directly. If you would like to help with the implementation of a conversational UI for your business, at Digital Nuage, we might be happy to help you with a customized solution to your needs. Get in-tuned together with your tech needs, get in-tuned with Digital Nuage.

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