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Chinese company ZTE now preparing for 6G

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zte launching 6g

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ZTE scoping out what 6G will appear as if

Chinese vendor ZTE expects 3D-connectivity, intelligent MIMO, on-demand topology, and on-demand AI will represent the essential enablers of future 6G networks, the company’s spokesperson Jason Tu, told RCR Wireless News.

ZTE’s 6G research team also considers that the intelligent radio, the intelligent coverage, and therefore the intelligent evolution would be the essential features of the 6G specification, the chief said.

“ZTE’s 6G mission is to attach the physical world with the digital world intelligently. the web of Perception, the web of AI, and therefore the Internet of Industry will enable new services, which can change state within the 6G era.

“ZTE is engaged within the complete research works on the 6G traffic and requirements, 6G specification, and 6G key enablers.

ZTE has established the precise 6G team in 2018 and found out five joint innovation centers with Chinese top-level Universities, that specialize in the elemental science and engineering aspects of 6G, including 6G specification, new spectrum, new air interface, and integration with AI and blockchain, alongside 6G related cutting-edge basic materials and devices.

Earlier this month, ZTE and compatriot carrier China Unicom had reached an agreement for the event of 6G technologies.

Based on China Unicom’s network, both companies will jointly explore the prospect and technical trends of 6G. consistent with the industry, 6G technology is predicted to be commercialized around 2030.

Under the terms of the agreement, ZTE and China Unicom will perform cooperation on 6G technological innovation and standards while actively promoting the in-depth integration of 6G with satellite networks, the web of things (IoT), the web of vehicles, and industrial IoT.

Moreover, the 2 parties will conduct joint research on the potential key technologies of 6G, including three-dimensional connectivity, terahertz communication, and therefore the integrated communication and sensing. ZTE and China Unicom also will verify the feasibility of those technologies through both the verification tests and therefore the prototyping trials to realize the 6G network performance targets, like the height rate of 1 Tbps, the user experienced rate of 20 Gbps and therefore the volume traffic capacity of 100Gbps/m3.

China had officially started researching 6G technology in November 2019, a couple of days after state-run telecom operators launched 5G networks within the country.

The Ministry of Science and Technology said that it expected to line up two working groups to hold out the 6G research activities.

One group will contain relevant government departments liable for promoting how 6G research and development are going to be administered. the opposite group is going to be made from 37 universities, research institutes, and corporations, which can exclusively specialize in the technical side of 6G technologies.

However, the Chinese government believes that there’s still an extended way until 6G technology is often defined. Vice Minister Wang Xi of the Ministry of Science and Technology said: “The initial stage and therefore the technical route [of 6G]is still not clear, and therefore the key indicators and application scenarios haven’t been standardized and defined.”

China isn’t the sole country to be actively researching on 6G technology. Countries like Japan, Korea, and Finland all have research projects underway into the subsequent generation of wireless technology.


Source: rcwireless

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