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Existing and future cloud strategies

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future and cloud strategies

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What’s happening with all things cloud: Existing and future cloud strategies

Cloud spend exceeds budgets as organizations expect increased cloud use thanks to COVID-19, consistent with a Flexera report.

increased cloud use

“With employees performing from home and more business interactions going digital,” said Jim Ryan, President, and CEO of Flexera, “more than half enterprise respondents said their cloud usage is going to be above originally planned at the start of the year thanks to the pandemic.

“Companies decide to migrate more services to the cloud, yet they’re already exceeding cloud budgets. they’re going to got to specialize in optimizing workloads as they migrate additionally to cost management and governance to make sure operational efficiency.”
Organizations embrace multi-cloud

93% of enterprises have a multi-cloud strategy; 87% have a hybrid cloud strategy
Respondents use a mean of two .2 public clouds and a couple of .2 private clouds.

Public cloud adoption continues to accelerate

  • one-fifth of enterprises spend quite $12 million per annum on public cloud
  • quite 50 percent of enterprise workloads and data are expected to be during a public cloud within 12 months
  • 59% of enterprises expect cloud usage to exceed prior plans thanks to COVID-19
  • the highest challenge in cloud migration is knowing application dependencies.

Cloud cost optimization

  • Organizations are over allow cloud spend by a mean of 23 percent, and expect cloud spend to extend by 47 percent next year
  • Respondents estimate that 30 percent of cloud spend is wasted.

Cloud initiatives and metrics

  • 73% of organizations decide to optimize existing use of cloud (cost savings), making it the highest initiative for the fourth year during a row
  • 61% percent of organizations decide to specialize in cloud migration
  • 77% of organizations use cost efficiency and savings to live cloud progress.

An organizational approach to cloud

  • 73% of enterprises have a central cloud team or cloud center of excellence
  • 57% of cloud teams are liable for governing infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS)/platform-as-a-service (PaaS) usage costs.

Cloud challenges

  • 83% of enterprises indicate that security may be a challenge, followed by 82 percent for managing cloud spend and 79 percent for governance
  • For cloud beginners, lack of resources/expertise is that the top challenge; for advanced cloud users, managing cloud spend is that the top challenge
  • 56% of organizations report that understanding the cost implications of software licenses may be a challenge for software within the cloud.

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