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how much do you know about cybersecurity

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Cyber Security 101 how much do you know about cybersecurity

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Cyberattacks. We hear about them everywhere – from your neighbor whose son downloaded a computer game that crashed his computer, to your sister mistakenly clicking a nasty link that tricked her into buying shoes she is going to never get, and even bigger ones, like hackers stealing Target’s entire customer database.

But what proportion does one really realize cybersecurity? Like, does one know the difference between an epidemic and spyware? Confused about the difference between ransomware and phishing attacks? And what within the world may be a man-in-the-middle?!

To ease your confusion, we created a brief summary of common cybersecurity terms for you to urge conversant in. We also included some nice stats to form you well-aware of the risks present and just how popular these attacks are.

cyber security
image by zonealarm

We hope this information helped you gain a far better understanding of the various cyber threats and their numbers! As cyberattacks only grow in numbers and variety year after year, it’s knowing to have a complicated cyber threat protection software in situ. prefer to get one that’s up so far with the newest technology, like that of ZoneAlarm by Check Point, which uses the foremost advanced enterprise-grade technology (what the large companies use for his or her protection), only made for home-users (regular Joe’s).

You can get free and paid versions of various products like Antivirus and Firewall, stand-alone products like ZoneAlarm Mobile Security or ZoneAlarm Anti-Ransomware, or more comprehensive packages like ZoneAlarm Extreme Security, which mixes PC and Mobile protection (Android&iOS) with all the cybersecurity essentials.

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