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Data Science Career Roadmap

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data science

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Quick Road map for improving Data Science Skills

This guide aims to hide everything that a knowledge science learner may have to write down and publish articles on the web. It covers why you ought to write, writing advice for brand spanking new writers, and an inventory of places that invite contributions from new writers.

Let’s get to it!

Why you ought to write:

Writing is not just for “writers”. The art of writing well is for everybody to find out – programmers, marketers, managers, and leaders, alike. And yes, data scientists and analysts too!

You should write articles because once you do:

You learn:
Writing teaches you the art of writing. It’s quite circular but it’s true.
Make no mistake, the art of writing isn’t about grammar (although, that’s important) and flowery language (definitely not important). It’s about conveying your thoughts with clarity in simple language.

And learning this art is vital albeit you absolutely know that you simply don’t need to write down blogs/articles for a living. it is vital because all the roles have some sort of writing involved – messages, emails, memos, and therefore the whole spectrum. So basically, writing may be a medium for nearly any job you’ll have.

Apart from that, once you write you learn the items that you simply thought you knew but didn’t really know. So, writing is a chance to find out better.

You teach:
When you write, you share your specific experiences with others.

That is also why you’ve got all the rationale to feel confident that you simply have something important to contribute, no matter your expertise. you’ve got a story and you’ll say it. Tell them how you learned, what you learned, and where you learned. Tell them about all the teachings that you simply learned with difficulty. Tell them about all those hard-earned moments once you really understand a sophisticated concept.

You can write articles and blog posts to share these experiences with others so that they will have it easier than you probably did. And in fact, you get the gratification in knowing that you simply eased your readers’ learning journeys!

You reach:
When you write your story, you’ll potentially reach thousands of individuals. It’s a chance for you to create your own audience. a chance to create your own following. a chance to “make your name” within the field. How exciting is that!

And it isn’t just thrills and excitement. Remember, working professionals are learners too; learning on the work may be a real McCoy. this suggests that a lot of times, the people that read your articles are going to be working professionals. Helping them means you get to create and grow your professional network!

Writing can help your career:

Every time you publish a number of your work, you’re increasing the probabilities that a possible employer or client goes to return across it and obtain in touch. you would possibly be surprised by what unexpected opportunities can arise once you simply put your add front of others.

Written articles also can be great to incorporate on your resume. After all, working in data science is not just about having programming skills! Being an efficient data scientist means having the ability to speak clearly and effectively about data. Having published work on your resume is proof of your digital communication skills.

Writing advice for brand spanking new writers:

Hopefully, the previous couple of paragraphs have motivated you to write down.

If you’ve got decided to require on the leap and begin writing, I even have a couple of pieces of recommendation for you. These are some simple tips that the majority of new writers aren’t conscious of. I learned a number of them the hard way and now you’ll learn all of them with ease.

Here they are:

  • Be mindful of your literary genre. All learner-facing content should, first and foremost, feature a tone that’s warm, welcoming, inclusive, encouraging, and friendly. Data science is particularly complicated and it is often intimidating. The less intimidating you create your writing, the more people it reaches.
  • Be prepared to throw away tons of what you write. the foremost used key on a writer’s keyboard is that the Delete/backspacer. So, do not be afraid to rewrite it if you’ve got to.
    Reread it. Delete it. Replace it.
  • Check for spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors. Having a good vocabulary isn’t important but using correct grammar is. you would like to be extra careful if you are not a native English speaker. Using tools like Grammarly can help.
  • Submit every article that you simply write to multiple sources/publications if they permit “canonical URLs”.
  • This is called cross-posting. Cross-posting helps your article reach multiple audiences – and as a replacement writer, you would like to
  • succeed in as many eyes as you’ll.
  • But remember, cross-post only to an internet site that permits you to line “canonical URLs”. Search engines use canonical links to work out and prioritize the last word source of content, removing confusion when there are multiple copies of an equivalent document in several locations. Sites that publish an overabundance of duplicate content without indicating a canonical link could also be penalized in program rankings.

List of places that accept contributions

When you have a piece of writing ready, these are a number of the very fashionable places which will accept your writing and share it with their huge follower bases:

It is extremely important that you simply carefully read and follow the recommendation that the place you’re submitting to has laid out.

We hope this guide has helped you in your writing journey! If you’ve found some time with Dataquest helpful, we’d like it if you mentioned us in your article so that other learners can find us, too! 🙂


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