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Due to Covid-19 pandemic it effects MWC Los Angeles

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All eyes now on MWC Los Angeles

Following its at-the-time unanticipated but retrospectively lauded decision to cancel Mobile World Congress Barcelona in February, as COVID-19 gained an edge in Europe, the GSMA announced it’ll cancel the companion event in Shanghai previously scheduled for June 30 to July 2.

In its April 17 notice of the cancellation, GSMA cited regulations articulated by Chinese authorities on April 8. From that notice: “The principles of safety and steadiness should be implemented in medium and high-risk areas. Activities that decision for gathering people shouldn’t be organized in theory .”

GMSA left the door open for a possible re-staging of the Shanghai conference and exhibition later in 2020.

“The GSMA has been in regular contact with stakeholders, and sought the recommendation of health officials and other authorities, as health and safety remain our top priority. The GSMA will work with government and health authorities to seek out an appropriate date and venue to carry regional conferences in China within the latter half of 2020. we’ll confirm the feasibility of this within the coming months.”

GMSA hosts three installations of Mobile World Congress each year–in Barcelona, Shanghai, and LA. The latter exhibition is currently scheduled to travel forward on October 28 to 30 in Downtown LA.

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