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EDN 6-GHZ wifi launched

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ON Semi QCS AX2 chip WiFi EDN 6-GHZ wifi launched



6-GHZ wifi chipset

ON Semiconductor is sampling its QCS-AX2 chip own family, which supports the 6-GHz spectrum band based on the wireless 6E general. Constructed on an incorporated baseband and RF architecture, the QCS-AX2 devices are optimized for high-throughput wi-fi applications, such as get entry to points, gateways, and mesh networks for dense environments and underserved regions.

The QCS-AX2-A12 is a triband (6 GHz, 5 GHz, 2.Four GHz) device with adaptive MIMO that helps bendy eight×eight or four×4 configurations. Adaptive MIMO strategies permit network operation within the five-GHz or 6-GHz band, relying upon the customers present in a subscriber’s home community to maximize performance, insurance, and utilization.

The collection additionally includes the QCS-AX2-T12, which offers triband concurrent four×4 operation for excessive-performance routers, and the QCS-AX2-T8, which permits triband concurrent 8-move configurations for mesh nodes and mainstream access factors.

Gadgets inside the QCS-AX2 collection help key wi-fi 6E functions, consisting of orthogonal frequency-department a couple of getting entry to (OFDMA) and multi-user, multi-input, multi-output (MU-MIMO) technologies that enable a simultaneous bidirectional conversation between an access factor and end-users. They also leverage extremely-extensive one hundred sixty-MHz channels for quicker speeds and SmartScan channel selection for the maximum band usage.

ON Semiconductor is now sampling the QCS-AX2 components to clients.


Source: edn

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