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Explore app for Chromebook Users

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Getting began out with new generation may be tough, with pages of commands and tutorials to pore over. “Explore,” a brand new app constructed into Chromebook, enables you get installation and take complete gain of your computer, whether or not you’re a Chrome OS amateur or already use a Chromebook each day.

A compass for brand new Chromebook users

Think of the Explore app as your compass for navigating your Chromebook. It’s an advanced shape of Get Help, our preceding in-product training app. Now, while you log in to a Chromebook for the primary time and whole the preliminary onboarding, the Explore app orients you to find out about the maximum useful Chrome OS functions.

The Explore homepage offers you smooth get right of entry to to solutions and visible tutorials to a number of the maximum commonly-requested questions from new Chromebook owners, like a way to nice manipulate your documents on Chromebook throughout nearby garage and Google Drive, or a way to installation a printer with Chromebook.

You can mission thru the Explore app at your personal pace. Complete instructions and take a look at returned for brand new content material while you’re searching out a particular solution or if you’re keen to make certain you’re maximizing your Chromebook.

Easy get right of entry to to big offers

Explore additionally consists of useful functions for Chromebook enthusiasts. It has a tab for short get right of entry to to a number of the nice Chromebook perks, so that you can fast redeem them. For example, proper now withinside the U.S., you could use the Explore app to get loose get right of entry to to 100GB of garage and extra thru Google One for a year, loose get right of entry to to the famous recreation Stardew Valley, and loose 3 months get right of entry to to Disney+.

Some extra highlights

In addition to the Explore app, right here are a pair new functions that make your Chromebook paintings even better.

Use the Overview key, which enables you zoom out and notice all of the home windows which are open, to multitask throughout home windows masterfully. Now, while in Overview, you could drag home windows out of your Chromebook’s display to an outside display and vice versa. You also can without problems cut up your display from Overview, which makes it simpler to multitask—you could have files open at one time, or assessment a piece of writing even as taking notes.

Words are wonderful, however now and again emojis can seize even extra emotion. We simply brought extra emojis that allows you to use inside Chrome OS, like a yawning face emoji (🥱), an ear with a listening to aid (🦻 ), and a sari (🥻). To use emojis on Chromebook, proper click on in any textual content subject and navigate to “emoji.”

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