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Facebook AI converts programming languages?

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facebook AI

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Facebook AI

Facebook researchers have developed an AI system that converts code from one language to a different. The transCoder may be a new language conversion model developed by Facebook researchers. The AI-based tool converts high-level languages like C++, Java, and Python into another.

TransCoder uses rock bottom possible levels of human supervision or intervention. Converting code from one language to a different may be a difficult task for even an experienced programmer. It requires patience, good knowledge of the source, and designation languages.

Transcompilers tools help in ensuring that the new code doesn’t get to be rewritten from scratch. the benefits don’t transcend this. it’s still a posh task for a developer to affect syntax differences, library changes, and AI adaptation.

Facebook’s tool comes with a neural transcompiler that uses machine learning to require care of all the work. the method starts with pre-training the maps instructions from a code that’s the same within the target and source languages. Anchor points are common in many languages. samples of statements like “if or” “while” and mathematical operators, function the idea for this work.

The back-translation process is employed to convert the code back to the primary language. It allows TransCoder to get parallel data to be compared to the first ones. The difference is employed to strengthen the training.

TransCoder has been trained with quite 28 lakh open source repositories. Facebook Research team has also administered tests with 852 functions in C++, Java, and Python.

When converting from C++ to Java, TransCoder achieved 74.8% accuracy in expected results. From Python to C++, the accuracy was 57.8%, while Java to C++, the accuracy is 91.6%.


Source: TechGig

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