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Finally Trusty AI initiative Launched

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A digital intelligence company has launched a worldwide initiative to market the event of trustworthy AI (AI) technology.

ABBYY was moved to require action by the growing prevalence of AI systems in our day-to-day lives and therefore the anticipated growth in expectation for those systems to be fair, transparent, and ethical.

By 2025, Gartner estimates 30 percent of huge enterprise and government contracts for the acquisition of digital products and services that incorporate AI would require the utilization of explainable and ethical AI. Furthermore, three-quarters of consumers say they won’t buy from unethical companies, while 86% say they’re more loyal to moral companies.

To get the ball rolling, ABBYY has publicized its core guiding principles on developing, maintaining, and promoting trustworthy AI technologies. the corporate is now advocating for other technology leaders to try to likewise.

“Innovation and ethics go hand in hand. because the use of AI grows, it’s important for technology leaders to stick to and promote the utilization of technologies that are transparent, fair, unbiased, and respect data privacy,” commented Anthony Macciola, chief innovation officer at ABBYY.

“By adhering to high standards with regards to the performance, transparency, and accuracy of our products, we are ready to deliver solutions that have an incredible impact on our customers.”

Principles that ABBYY is committed to upholding include protecting confidential customer and partner data and providing visibility into the performance characteristics and metrics of its technologies, also as providing opportunities for product feedback.

Looking beyond gain, the corporate has sworn to deliver AI technologies that are socially and economically beneficial and have affirmed that it’ll actively foster a culture that promotes the moral use of AI and its social utility.

AI has the facility to yield significant social and economic benefit,” added Macciola. “With ethics in mind, we have the power to rework the longer term during a manner that promotes innovation, accelerates technological advancements, and augments human intelligence, creativity, and capabilities responsibly.”

Privacy is another area of concern that ABBYY has considered. the corporate, which uses machine learning, tongue processing, neural networks, and optical character recognition on data, has incorporated a privacy-by-design principle as an integral part of its software development processes.


Source: infosecurity-magazine


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