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Samsung planning for next generation- resolution of 600MP

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image by Techcrunch


The next-gen camera resolution of 600MP

Samsung is currently leading the phone megapixel count race and therefore the company seems to stay because of the leader within the coming days also. The South Korea-based company getting to continue its work on making high megapixels camera sensors for smartphones, consistent with an individual responsible for Samsung’s sensor business(via Ice Universe).

Samsung introduced camera sensors with 108MP last year, and Xiaomi was the primary company to adopt it on its Mi 10 series. The 108MP camera sensor was later introduced within the Galaxy S20 Ultra smartphone.

The company wants to travel beyond the 108MP. Rumor has it that the corporate is going to be introducing 150MP camera sensors sometime within the Q4 of 2020. But, this seems to be only the start of a way larger goal, which is to form the camera sensors with a resolution above that of the human eye.

resolution of 600MP
image by Techcrunch

The company has plans to develop a camera sensor with a resolution of 600MP. For the sake of comparison, the resolution of the human eye is 576 megapixels — this is often, of course, supported some assumptions.

While we don’t know whether the performance of such camera sensors will as be as great as what the large megapixel count is suggesting, they’re going to certainly eye-grabbing, and, therefore, it’ll be easier for Samsung or any company for that interest market their 600MP camera phones.

As was the case with the 108MP camera sensor, the resolution of 600MP sensor can also first be introduced during a non-Samsung phone. Either way, it’s safe to mention that a camera sensor with such a high pixel count will first be introduced during a flagship Samsung smartphone.

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