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Google Duo updates arrives with new update

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Google Duo

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Google Duo is getting some nice under-the-hood improvements over the approaching weeks. Various aspects of the app are going to be enhanced, including security, camera, calls and messaging. Let’s kick it off with the foremost mundane and leave rather uninteresting ones for later.

So, first off, we have a replacement choice to take photos on smartphones, tablets, and Chromebooks while you’re on a video call with another person. Photos captured in Google Duo are often shared with everyone on the decision, but not yet in group calls.

After recently increased the number of participants during a group call to 12, Google announced today that it’ll further increase the number of participants to an undisclosed number within the coming weeks. This specific improvement is going to be available on both Android and iOS platforms.

One other interesting new feature revealed today is that the choice to automatically save messages in Google Duo instead of having them expire after at some point. Messages sent using Duo’s AR effects, simple notes with text or doodles can all be saved within the app.

Finally, Google plans to feature a replacement video codec technology which will enhance video call quality and reliability, no matter the connection quality. it is a nifty improvement that will certainly are available handy when your network coverage is below average.

All the new features and enhancements unveiled today are going to be available within the coming days or weeks, so check your Google Duo app to ascertain when they go live.

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