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Google working on RCS System

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Google Cloud rcs

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RCS should be the otherworldly replacement to great SMS and MMS messaging, yet the absence of inherent encryption discourages that — somebody could hypothetically sneak around on your messages where they can’t with administrations like iMessage. You may get your security all things considered, however. The 9to5Google group has discovered proof of plans to add start to finish encryption to RCS discussions in Google Messages. While full subtleties of how this would function aren’t clear, you could choose whether not outsider applications see scrambled messages. It’s likewise protected to accept that the two members would require a perfect application with solid information associations.

The code is just barely appearing in a “dogfood” test adaptation of Messages implied for Google representatives. It could be some time before this appears in a discharge you can utilize yourself. In any case, it’s uplifting news. Inasmuch as you aren’t meticulous about your decision of informing application, you could utilize all the rich media highlights of RCS without stressing that you’re bargaining your protection all the while.


Source: engadget

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