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Telegram planning to add group video call

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Telegram is also focusing on the security of group video call

The group video calling feature on a number of the foremost popular messaging apps has proven to be quite valuable in these trying times. so as to assist more users to connect using the feature, apps like WhatsApp and Google Duo have released a few of improvements for the feature within the recent past. as an example, earlier this year Google Duo increased the group size limit to 12 participants and that we also learned that the corporate was working to feature invite links for both group video and audio calls. Similarly, Facebook-owned WhatsApp also increased the group size limit to a maximum of 8 participants. But while Duo and WhatsApp are working to enhance group video and audio calling, rival messenger Telegram still doesn’t offer a gaggle video calling feature to its users. Thankfully, that’s sure to change soon as Telegram has now announced that group video calling is going to be added to the platform later this year.

In a recent blog post, the corporate announced that Telegram is going to be getting a secure group video calling feature later this year. The post states: “The current global lockdown highlighted the necessity for a trusted video communication tool. Video calls in 2020 are very similar to messaging in 2013. There are apps that either secure or usable, but not both. We’d wish to fix that, and that we will specialize in bringing you secure group video calls in 2020.” However, the corporate hasn’t revealed any information regarding the discharge timeline for the feature.

Additionally, the blog post reveals that Telegram has now reached 400 million monthly users, up from 300 million at an equivalent time last year. the corporate claims that a minimum of 1.5 million new users are signing up for Telegram every day, which has helped it become the foremost downloaded social media application in over 20 countries. On top of that, the corporate has also released a replacement update for the messenger which brings upgrades to its Quiz Mode, adds a replacement sticker directory to assist users to browse and search stickers, brings a replacement attachment menu on Android, includes improvements for Telegram for macOS, and adds a replacement Bullseye animated emoji. For more information on the newest update, you’ll check the source link below.

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