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How Android Enterprise supports health care

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We’ve been deeply inspired by the work of medical professionals and first responders throughout the COVID-19 crisis and we’re encouraged, humbled, and thankful for his or her efforts. We also appreciate the healthcare IT community, who are playing an important role in deploying and managing mobile devices to deal with hospitals’ critical response needs.

Many of those IT admins around the world have reached bent us for guidance with deploying and using devices in these settings. to supply a one-stop resource for healthcare organizations looking to face up and scale mobility initiatives with Android devices, we’ve launched a replacement community for IT admins and partners who are supporting their organizations with Android.

Supporting healthcare IT admins

The Healthcare IT Response Community has been organized to deal with specific use cases that are especially challenging during this point. It features best practices from Google on the way to help securely deploy devices and offers a forum for the healthcare IT community to attach with one another and learn from their experiences with deploying devices for appropriate, non-medical uses. This effort is additionally providing how for IT admins to find out from our mobility partners, many of whom have generously volunteered to supply guidance on device selection, managing a tool fleet, and supporting deployments. They also participate in the discussion boards, sharing ideas, and answering technical questions.

We are very grateful to our global partners, like Samsung, MobileIron, BT, and more who have already made a difference in helping hospitals and other healthcare organizations get devices configured for appropriate, non-medical uses and into the hands of these who need them.

We’ve been ready to offer help to King’s Health Partners and King’s College London with LifeLines, a project that has rapidly deployed thousands of secure, managed tablets to many ICUs within the UK. Similarly, at hospitals within the US, we’re helping to deploy a variety of managed Pixel phones and Pixel Slates configured with Google Meet to facilitate communication between patients and their families. We are looking forward to further collaboration with our partners to innovate and serve the healthcare community in these challenging times.

How to become involved

We welcome the participation of healthcare organizations who may have guidance in quickly fixing a deployment, also as mobility partners who want to lend their support. Here’s the way to get started:

If you’re trying to find support for your organization’s deployment or inquiring on behalf of a customer, fill out the Healthcare IT Response Community nomination form. Once approved, we’ll send you information on accessing the community.

If you’re a partner who would really like to supply help, please register for access on our community portal.

We look forward to further supporting the healthcare community’s mobility needs, so please do reach bent us if there are additional ways we will help. to find out more about the way to deploy Android devices for your organization, visit

source: Google Blog

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