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How Artificial Intelligence(AI) is helping in finding Disease

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Sars-Cov-2 tests are currently a hot topic, both for his or her ability to spot contagions and to assess if someone has already skilled the disease. In both instances, they’re a critical tool to review the pandemic and to recover a resemblance of normality. the shortage of obtainable tests, however, and therefore the high precision levels required from them, has dampened expectations regarding their large-scale use to fight the coronavirus. Nevertheless, there might be alternatives. the key sauce would be AI , which is already getting used for the detection of the coronavirus on surfaces also as in innovative technology projects aimed toward analyzing contagion patterns. this point the approach is using AI to spot voice patterns in infected people. A Spanish company, together with the Basque Health Department, is already performing on an answer that might leverage minor voice alterations that would go unnoticed for a person’s being.

Despite the complexity of the technology, the method is relatively simple. a short time ago, we covered an innovative technology that detected heart attacks through smart speakers. The gasping and heavy breathing of somebody suffering from a attack were enough for AI to spot a risky situation. Interestingly, the new coronavirus project was born when Spanis cardiologist Domingo A. Pascual noticed that folks affected by heart attacks experience changes in their voice tones. Now that phenomenon has been wont to fight the coronavirus too.

Currently, the research team is recording voices and sound in hospital wards to make a kind of “library” which will include healthy, infected, and cured people. Once the sample has been validated, research will begin to determine the biometric markers among those three groups. The goal is to use the voice recognition system at doctor practices, but also through phone calls that would detect automatically infected people and refer them to their doctors. “We already know that COVID-19 disease affects the superior tract from a really early stage. The technology could thus prove especially relevant within the detection of asymptomatic cases, where quick and PCR tests are less efficient,” explained Pascual. Naturally, voice recognition would only be a preliminary test before completing more precise tests. However, it could substantially speed up detection processes.

Patterns of respiratory diseases

Artificial intelligence is uniquely ready to detect patterns that appear in many illnesses and diseases. Currently, several studies have collected markers from around twenty respiratory diseases. Therefore, the technology’s potential isn’t limited to coronavirus and may have applications for other pathologies.

The goal for the researchers of this AI project is to form their findings available to the scientific community at large, also as public institutions. The developers expect to possess the primary detection percentages ready during a matter of three or four months.

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