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How Blockchain Technology is useful during Covid19 pandemic

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The lack of reliable data has been one of the continued issues within the first stages of the planet pandemic. And not only due to the hoaxes, but also due to the surplus of various voices and data sources. Having a reliable and robust system to transmit information, supported common standards, has been one of the best needs for governments, organizations, and society at large. And it’s like blockchain technology could become a strong ally. Currently, several platforms use this technology to supply helpful services in an unheard-of situation. These are a number of the foremost promising blockchain applications around immediately.

Blockchain to watch donations and resources

Despite some exceptions, collective solidarity has been one of the driving forces throughout this crisis. From the primary moment, companies and individuals made generous donations to face the challenge. during a context with compromised supply chains and with pressing needs from healthcare workers, blockchain offers new and valuable tools. Platforms like Shandong in China track the origin of donations and guarantee every step until they reach their recipients.

Assigning resources appropriately is another challenge. Knowing what protection equipment is out there and where the demand is highest can improve distribution. Alipay, also in China, is functioning on a blockchain-based solution that permits the management of masks, gloves, and other essential equipment.

Blockchain to regulate the flow of data

As we’ve already mentioned, receiving quality information is more relevant than ever. HashLog may be a blockchain-based platform that visualizes the spreading of the coronavirus epidemic in real-time. to realize it, it works with data from different countries and official bodies. Anyone can check the amount of infected, deceased, and recovered patients across the planet.

MiPasa may be a similar platform, albeit with the backing of the planet Health Organization and tech behemoths like Oracle or Microsoft. supported IBM’s HyperLedger Fabric blockchain solution, this innovative project aims to enhance the knowledge available on the evolution of the coronavirus. consistent with its backers, it’ll allow the first detection of coronavirus patients and therefore the critical contagion points. this may be achieved by integrating private and official data, alongside information from hospitals and healthcare institutions. The protection of privacy is going to be an important element.

Blockchain Technology to manage prescriptions and identities

Another application we mentioned during a previous article on the applications of blockchain, there are already solutions like Prescrypto to manage the availability of drugs. This new generation of medical prescriptions guarantees the identity of patients while protecting their identity. Indeed, innovative technologies that reduce the burden on healthcare systems are going to be a quite welcome tool within the fight against coronavirus.

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