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How to Get NordVPN free

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NordVPN Free

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If you’re within the marketplace for a VPN, you’ll be looking to undertake out a number of the simplest VPN providers available, especially because signing up for multiple years often gives the simplest value. during this article, we’ll undergo a way to get a free trial with NordVPN.

Previously, NordVPN offered a three-day trial for free of charge. However, thanks to people abusing this chance, the VPN changed it to a 30-day money-back guarantee. NordVPN refers to the present as a “risk-free trial,” but you’ll get to pay upfront and ask customer service to request a refund.

Although it’s far away from a free trial, there are benefits to the present policy, like having access to NordVPN’s worldwide bank of servers for a full month. There also isn’t much risk for you; we’ve never had a drag with getting our a refund during the years of regularly updating our

NordVPN Free
image credit NordVpn

To use this “free trial,” you’ll get to attend the acquisition page on NordVPN’s website. Here, you’ll choose any of the four plans. The three-year option is that the default, but a one-month plan is out there if you don’t want to risk the complete $125.

After you’ve selected your plan, you’ll put in an email address and payment information. There are various options for paying, including Mastercard and cryptocurrency, but you can’t use third-party systems like PayPal.

After you’ve paid, you’ll receive an email with a link to settle on an account password. There isn’t a secure password generator, so you’ll need to use a separate program to stay your account safe. We recommend that you simply look around our greatest password manager guide for our top choices.

Another email will contain a link to download the VPN. Installing NordVPN is quick and straightforward, needing just for you to settle on a download location and login to your account. Now you’ll begin to use the complete version, and your subscription will automatically renew if you opt to not get your a refund.

Getting the NordVPN 30-Day “Free Trial”

  1. attend NordVPN’s “purchase” page
  2. Choose your plan
  3. Enter an email and payment information
  4. Set an account password
  5. Download the VPN from either the e-mail or the web site
  6. Follow the installation instructions


At the top of the 30-day “trial,” you’ll get to contact customer support either by live chat or through email to receive your full refund. It took only a couple of minutes to succeed in someone on the support team, and that we got our a refund on an equivalent day.

When opening the support page, NordVPN’s chatbot began asking us a series of questions, but nothing felt slow or repetitive. once we reached an individual, that they had all of this information, therefore the interaction was brief.

After we answered the quality question of why we were leaving, they confirmed we could receive a refund. We received our money within the day, although it could take up to 10 days for it to return through.

It may take time to cancel your account, so we recommend that you simply manually close up the automated renewal. you’ll do that on your online account page by selecting the three dots next to the “change plan” button and selecting the “cancel automatic payments” option.

How to Get a NordVPN Refund

  1. Contact the support team through the web site
  2. Follow the instructions given by the chatbot
  3. Ask the customer support member to return your money
  4. Answer why you would like a refund
  5. Cancel your automatic renewal

Final Thoughts

We got our refund from NordVPN quickly, and that we didn’t get to jump through hoops, which is nearly as good as the other VPN provider with an identical system. albeit we don’t think NordVPN is nearly as good as ExpressVPN, it’s worth trying the service to ascertain if it’s the simplest option for you.


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