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How to innovate the things?

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How to innovate any thing?

The past few months are challenging in many aspects. There are tons of changes like performing from home, taking care of online classes for your kids (I was my grandson’s class teacher!), multiple business closures and therefore the list goes on. What I found interesting is what percentage businesses innovated within the face of adversity.

In my town, i used to be really impressed with the way restaurants changed the sport dramatically. within the absence of in-house dining, several restaurants innovated with take-out dining. One local restaurant developed a really streamlined online or phone ordering system. Once you placed your order you got a pick-up number. Once you arrived within the parking zone , there have been about 20 numbered parking spots. once you pulled into your numbered spot, a server came to your car, verified your order then quickly returned together with your food. once you placed the food order you got a chance to pay and add a tip, therefore the pick-up process was pretty seamless.

Another local restaurant had a system where you texted your car make/model/color once you were in their lot and a server delivered your order right to your car. We were regular diners at both of those establishments and that they never had this type of business model. They quickly innovated to adapt to the challenges presented by the COVID-19 rules. supported the amount of cars lined-up for pick-up orders, both of those restaurants were doing a reasonably robust business. it had been likely that they had to furlough some servers, but the kitchen crew and a few of the servers were busy. i’m sure you’ve got seen many examples in your area.

What was the payback for this innovation? Now that a number of the dining restrictions are being lifted, these two restaurants are as busy as ever, although with some capacity restrictions. By innovating during the crisis, they kept their loyal customer-base.

The question is: how did you innovate during the recent crisis? For my polymer-related consulting clients, I’ve had two types. the primary were those that kept their innovation projects going and that we haven’t stopped performing on new products. I even have also started several new consulting projects during the COVID-19 timeframe focused on new products. The second client type put our projects “on-hold” despite my best efforts to convince then to stay moving forward.

Now quite ever, innovation are going to be the differentiator going forward. have you ever re-evaluated your innovation pipeline after the COVID restrictions? it’s highly likely that your pre-COVID strategy won’t work going forward. an excessive amount of has changed.

How did you innovate? have you ever re-examined your innovation strategy? I’m here to assist you’re taking your innovation strategy and process to subsequent level.



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