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How to keep your Data secure in Windows or another Operating System

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In today’s world data and keeping your data secure is the most important thing, today using data AI models are trained and many business ideas are implemented using data only. for any organization, they keep their information or data on their devices and these devices need to be secured. So here we are with seven tips on How to keep your data secure.

#1-Use strong authentication

tips for keeping data secure
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Use strong authentication to access your device, like Windows Hello. With Windows Hello you’ll log in with a PIN, or if your device supports it, your fingerprint or face.

#2-Sign in online with multi-factor authentication

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Multi-factor authentication (MFA) uses multiple steps to sign you in. you would possibly use both a PIN sent to your mobile device and a password or a PIN and face recognition, so as to authenticate. Using MFA makes it much harder for bad actors to hack your accounts or see your stuff.

#3-Upgrade to a secure password


It’s time to believe the passwords you employ. If you’re using simple passwords like “lovely” or “password1” it’s an honest time to upgrade them to be safer. Length is more important than complexity, though both have a task. Your password should be a minimum of 12 characters long, and not one English word, or your dog’s name. think about using a phrase sort of a favorite song lyric or poem to make a password that’s long and sophisticated but easy to recollect .

#4-Encrypt your local drive

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Make sure local drive encryption, like BitLocker, is enabled. That way if your device is lost or stolen any local data are going to be difficult to access. This is the most important tip to keep your data secure.

#5-Make sure your device is up so far

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Make sure your device is up-to-date on security updates that you’re employing a modern, secure browser like Microsoft Edge. Also confirm you’ve got an antimalware program, like Windows Defender, actively running.

#6-Store your files securely

Store your files during a secure cloud location instead of on an area drive or removable media. Your company using secure cloud storage, like SharePoint or OneDrive for Business, means albeit your physical device is lost or stolen, your data remains available.

#7-Use the online version of your apps

office 365

You can help keep your work secure and up-to-date by using the online version of your Office apps like Word, Outlook, or Excel. Using the online versions and storing your work to the cloud makes sure that your data stays on the server without having to be downloaded to your local device.

These were some useful tips for keeping data secure on your personal operating system. I hope you like it.

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