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How to learn Virtual Digital Skills from Google

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Grow with Google launched in 2017, we’ve traveled across all states, from Alaska to Florida, to assist Americans to get the digital skills they have to succeed. Along the way, we’ve partnered with local libraries, schools, and nonprofits to supply free tools and training to assist people get the proper skills to seek out jobs they need, advance their careers and grow their businesses. We’ve also established a home base, opening the Grow with Google NY City Learning Center in 2019 to supply free workshops and events to the community six days every week.

Though we’re not ready to take in-person, that doesn’t mean the training has got to stop. We recognize that a lot of people—particularly job seekers and little businesses—are facing uncertainty and searching for digital skills training to assist them to increase their economic potential. So we’re announcing virtual programs from Grow with Google which will help.

Today, we’re launching Grow with Google OnAir, where Grow with Google’s free programming is going to be online and available to everyone within the U.S. and Canada for the primary time.

We’ll offer digital skills training, interviews with career experts, and programming from partners including Merit America and therefore the National Congress of yank Indians. Topics will cover “How to manage your business remotely” and “How to build your resume with four practical strategies”.

After attending a Grow with Google OnAir workshop, attendees who are trying to find more personalized help can register for a free one-on-one coaching session with a Googler. This has recently benefited people like Raquel, a veteran and entrepreneur in Virginia, who worked with Amy, a Googler and fellow veteran, to update her resume. Their brainstorming session gave Raquel new ideas for a way to border her experience. And Keith, a little business owner, worked with Paige, a Google marketer, to line up his Google My Business page.

In addition, to Grow with Google OnAir, which is out there across the U.S., we still support our team of local Digital Coaches and our network of quite 7,000 local partner organizations, in order that they will teach virtual workshops in their communities. We’ve been inspired by how quickly our partners have adapted to the present new way of coaching, and by what proportion demand they’re seeing. for instance, we recently partnered with America’s SBDC and therefore the Small Business Development Center of Washington State to deliver a webinar focused on business resiliency. We’re thrilled that quite 2,000 small businesses participated.

To date, Grow with Google has trained quite 4 million Americans on digital skills. We’ve seen firsthand how technology can create new opportunities for growth, and it’s our aim to make sure those opportunities remain available to everyone. Visit Grow with Google Events to seek out a virtual program that’s right for you.

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