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Huawei Apologizes After Claiming DSLR Photos

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1 Huawei Apologizes After Claiming DSLR Photos

Huawei has issued an apology after it had been caught using DSLR photos to market its smartphone photography contest.

The phone brand is currently running a contest for its users in China during a bid to market the standard of its new smartphone camera on the Huawei P40 Pro.

The company shared a video on Chinese social network Weibo that featured a series of breathtaking photos claiming to possess been shot using its smartphones. One Weibo user however, noticed that one among the shots looked eerily familiar. It seems , an equivalent photo are often found on photography-sharing platform 500px.

According to Apple Insider, the first shots were taken by Su Tie and were actually captured employing a Nikon D850 DSLR camera worth more that US$3,000. South China Morning Post also acknowledged that two shots within the video were taken by Tie.
Huawei delivered an apology on Weibo, clarifying that the photos were alleged to be featured on Huawei’s Next-Image community where users are allowed to upload photos taken by any device, including cameras, per Abacus. The community is supposed to be an alternate site to popular platforms like Flickr and 500px.

However, it’s still not clear if Huawei had received permission from Su Tie to feature the photos within the video.

image credit twitter

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