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ION Microchips for quantum technology platform

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quantum microchip

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Ion Microchips Enabling Rise of Fully Scalable Quantum Technology Platform

Engineering of microfabricated ion traps and integration of advanced on-chip features

+ Abstract

+ Atomic ions trapped in electromagnetic potentials have long been used for fundamental studies in physics. Over the past 20 years, trapped ions are successfully wont to implement technologies like quantum computing, quantum simulation, atomic clocks, mass spectrometers, and quantum sensors.

+ Advanced fabrication techniques, taken from other established or emerging disciplines, are wont to create new, reliable ion-trap devices aimed toward large-scale integration and compatibility with commercial fabrication. This Technical Review covers the basics of ion trapping before discussing the planning of ion traps for the aforementioned applications. We overview the present microfabrication techniques and therefore the various considerations behind the selection of materials and processes. Finally, we discuss current efforts to incorporate advanced, on-chip features in next-generation ion traps.

+ Key points

  • Trapped atomic ions are a highly versatile tool for a good sort of fields from fundamental physics to quantum technologies.
    Ion traps use electric and magnetic fields to supply 3D confinement of ions in free space. Ion traps are often fabricated with greater ease by employing a surface electrode structure integrated within a microchip.
  • The realization of several quantum technologies that use trapped ions requires the mixing of advanced features like optics and electronics into such a microchip, either within a monolithic structure or through multi-wafer stacking.
  • Development is ongoing concerning the mixing of multiple features, especially in terms of the compatibility of fabrication processes, chip modularity, functionality, and exact specifications of the specified features.

source: Qubit report


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