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iPhone 12 Pro Max First look

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iphone 12
Yesterday we heard lost of detail regarding the planning of the iPhone 11 Pro Max, after a CAD design from earlier within the year leaked.According to report, the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max will have flat chrome steel edges also as more sharply rounded corners just like the iPad Pro. Also, the devices will have iPhone 5-like flat screen design on the front. additionally to the new design, the iPhone 12 Pro Max device will have a triple camera setup on the rear. Apple also will have LIDAR 3D sensor for more advanced AR capabilities, and therefore the iPad’s Smart Connector, which might allow the device to be connected to a replacement generation of accessories. consistent with the rumours, the iPhone 12 Pro Max and iPhone 12 Pro will have a 64 MP main camera, improved Night mode, improved HDR, Macro mode and improved zoom capabilities.
The design shows the much thinner screen bezels, square camera module, and smaller notch, which together adds up to a radically different look from before.
iphone 12 pro max Annotation 2020 04 19 224142 iPhone 12 Pro Max First look


The above render is predicated on the leaked CAD files. the ultimate version of the iPhone 12 Pro Max may look different from the above image.

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