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Kirin 1020 remains stable

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kirin 1020

Kirin 1020 remains unchanges according to U.S. action

With the latest actions from the US Commerce Department that now affect not only Huawei but some of its suppliers like TSMC, people are wondering if this would delay the production of Huawei’s upcoming 5nm Kirin 1020 flagship SoC.
Well, the initial information said that the sanction affects only future orders and not those already placed by Huawei, which means that 5nm and 7nm SoCs will go through. But the most recent report points at 5nm and 12nm orders because TSMC’s 7nm capacity is already full. The 5nm wafers are just 50% full, which in turn means that the Kirin 1020 SoC is on schedule to be produced for the Mate 40 launch. But the Kirin 980 and 990 future is kind of vague as they are based on the 7nm node, whereas the 12nm orders are for the 5G base stations.

There’s still some time for Huawei to act and place other orders before the ban takes place in September.


source: GSMArena

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