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Learn Cloud skills with Google Cloud training

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google cloud training

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We know many of you’re trying to find ways to stay learning and connecting with other developers virtually immediately, and that we want to assist. Below you’ll inspect our top on-demand Google Cloud training webinars and resources where you’ll take hands-on labs and learn, at no charge, more about everything from the fundamentals of Google Cloud to more advanced topics like building robust cloud architecture.

Starting with the fundamentals

You can tune from May 19-20 to observe instructors in Cloud OnBoard break down what it takes to migrate to Google Cloud and explain the fundamentals of the Google Kubernetes Engine, a managed, production-ready environment for running containerized applications. After the sessions, you’ll have an opportunity to check what you’ve learned by participating in hands-on labs and challenges with the Cloud Hero Online Challenge. Missed the live recording on May 19-20? No worries! you’ll view it on-demand starting May 21 and still participate in hands-on labs.

Gaining more hands-on experience and a deeper understanding of Google Cloud products

Ready to gain more hands-on cloud experience and deeper product knowledge? we’ve webinars where Googlers will walk you thru more hands-on labs on Qwiklabs and share product tips and tricks.

If you’re curious about big data and machine learning, you’ll do a lab I recorded within the Baseline: Data, ML, AI webinar to urge more experience using tools like Big Query, Cloud Speech API, and Cloud ML Engine. you’ll also find out how to use BigQuery and other Google tools to draw insights and visualize data from the general public health data sets Google released to support the COVID-19 research process in our Data science for public health: Working with public COVID-19 datasets webinar.

Getting role-based training and preparing for certification

For those of you who are already cloud professionals, our top webinars this year thus far are Professional Cloud DevOps and Professional Cloud Architect.

You can find out how to enhance the way you build software delivery pipelines, deploy and monitor services, and manage incidents within the DevOps webinar. The Cloud Architect webinar will discuss the way to ensure you’re designing, developing, and managing effective solutions.

Both webinars also will help prepare you to earn Google Cloud certifications. If you’d wish to learn more about the certification program, you’ll attend our on-demand webinar Why Certify? Everything to understand about Google Cloud Certification.

More no-cost resources to see out

We’re also offering our extensive catalog of Google Cloud on-demand training courses on Pluralsight and Qwiklabs at no cost once you check-in by May 31, 2021. you’ll find out how to prototype an app, build prediction models, and more—at your own pace by registering here.

We hope these webinars and resources assist you to continue learning new skills and stay connected with the broader Google developer community.

source : Google Developers Blog

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