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Logitech keyboard for ipad Air

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logitech keyboard

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When Apple debuted the new Magic Keyboard with Trackpad for the iPad Pro, Logitech also announced new Logitech keyboard for iPad with trackpads that cash in of the trackpad functionality in iPadOS 13.4 but are designed for older iPads, including the foremost recent iPad Air, the 10.5-inch ‌iPad Pro‌, and therefore the 7th-generation ‌iPad‌.

We got our hands on one among the new Logitech Combo Touch Keyboard Cases with Trackpad designed for the ‌iPad‌ Air, and that we thought we’d check it bent to see how it works and whether it’s well worth the $150 price.

Design-wise, this is often a high-quality keyboard case that’s got a Microsoft Surface look and feel thereto because of the material build, offering full protection for the ‌iPad‌ apart from the section where the keyboard connects. With the keyboard attached, though, the ‌iPad‌ is protected when the case is closed up and not in use.
A pop-out kickstand provides 40 degrees of adjustment so it is often set to different angles for typing, watching media content, and browsing the online, and it is a solid kickstand that works well. There’s also a handy Apple Pencil holder at the highest to stay that accessory tucked away when not in use.

logitech keyboard
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The trackpad and keyboard combo is astounding with the iOS 13.4 trackpad integration, and it adds a replacement level of productivity to cases that just offer keyboards. The trackpad may be a bit firm and there is a little zone at the highest where it cannot be clicked, but that does not hinder a day use.

Smooth scrolling, tap to click, and gesture support makes it a pleasing usage experience, and it’s clear that this was designed from the bottom up with iOS 13.4 in mind. it is a solid experience that outperforms the Brydge Pro+ with a trackpad that we also recently checked out.

The Logitech Combo Touch Keyboard Case supports equivalent gestures that you simply get with a Magic Trackpad 2. a 3 finger swipe to the left or the proper swaps between apps, a 3 finger swipe down goes to the house screen, a two-finger swipe down brings up Spotlight search, and a 3 finger swipe up exposes the multitasking interface.

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The keyboard may be a bit cramped when typing, but the keys feel great under the fingers with an honest amount of key travel. We did run into a problem where some keys occasionally did not work (but then worked later), which might be a drag with this particular keyboard or a problem that will be ready to be fixed at a later date with a firmware update.

As an example, the dollar sign did not work on first, but each day later it had been a functional key. Later, the apostrophe key did not work, but not the quotation because it worked fine with the shift key held down.

The keys are backlit and brightness is often toggled using function keys, with other options available for accessing the house screen, adjusting screen brightness, accessing search, and accessing media controls.

When using this keyboard within the lap without a flat surface, it works, but it isn’t the simplest experience. It’s simple to type, but there’s some screen wobble counting on how hard you’re typing.

Annotation 2020 04 21 063010 Logitech keyboard for ipad Air
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All in all, this is often a solid keyboard option for those that do not have an ‌iPad Pro‌ and won’t be ready to get the Magic Keyboard. For those that want to feature more functionality to their iPads and use them for tons of typing and tasks where a trackpad would are available handy, Logitech’s Combo Touch Keyboard Cases with Trackpad are well well worth the price and may be picked up from the Apple Store.

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