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Microsoft and Affirmed Networks together going to work on 5G

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The next (fifth) generation of wireless networks, or “5G,” will enable a number of latest opportunities for businesses and society, including autonomous vehicles, smart cities, computer game and a variety of other smart industry use cases and services. These next-generation networks will create new capabilities, new markets and help advance local economies.

As we’ve seen with other technology transformations, we believe that software can play a crucial role in helping advance 5G and deliver new network solutions that provide step-change advancements in speed, cost and security. there’s a big opportunity for both incumbents and new players across the industry to innovate, collaborate and make new markets, serving the networking and edge computing needs of our mutual customers.

At Microsoft, we shall empower the telecommunications industry because it continues its move to 5G and support both network equipment manufacturers and operators in their efforts to seek out solutions that are faster, easier and price effective. Today, i’m pleased to announce that we’ve signed a definitive agreement to accumulate Affirmed Networks. Affirmed Networks’ fully virtualized, cloud-native mobile network solutions enable operators to simplify network operations, reduce costs and rapidly create and launch new revenue-generating services.

This acquisition will allow us to evolve our work with the telecommunications industry, building on our secure and trusted cloud platform for operators. With Affirmed Networks, we’ll be ready to offer new and innovative solutions tailored to the unique needs of operators, including managing their network workloads within the cloud.

Previous generations of wireless networks are supported purpose-built hardware. We believe that with innovation in software and by making use of broadly available cloud computing platforms like Microsoft Azure, operators can deploy and maintain 5G networks and services more efficiently, more affordably , sooner and more securely.

We look forward to putting together on the good work by Affirmed Networks with its leadership in virtualized mobile networks. Bringing this technology and team of experts into Microsoft allows us to increase our cloud offering to operators everywhere as they increasingly look to run their networks during a hybrid environment. We’re excited about our future together where carriers are going to be ready to better leverage Microsoft’s cloud to enhance overall profitability and make new revenue streams.

As we still extend cloud-based software defined networking into the planet of 5G connectivity, we recognize the importance of deep and powerful partnerships and interoperability. to make sure the success of our customers, we’ll work closely with existing suppliers, emerging innovators and other stakeholders round the world including in Europe, Asia, the U.S. and other markets to assist make this vision a reality.

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