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Microsoft patents on COVID 19

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microsoft patents

Microsoft is committing to the Open COVID Pledge by making its patents on COVID 19 available freed from charge to be used in efforts to finish the COVID-19 pandemic and minimize the impact of the disease. This step joins our other efforts to use technology and innovation to assist track the disease and develop solutions, like mobilizing AI for Health to fight COVID-19 and therefore the Bing COVID19 Tracker. Additional information about Microsoft’s patent COVID-19 efforts are often found here.

We are always trying to find ways we will use our patents to contribute to positive outcomes, and therefore the fight against COVID-19 is one of the foremost urgent problems with our time. Pledges and open licensing of this type can help spur innovation, especially during a crisis like this one. Researchers, scientists et al. working to fight the virus should be ready to develop and deploy effective solutions at scale without obstacles like being threatened with patent litigation.

The terms and conditions of Microsoft’s patent COVID-19 license, which are effective immediately, are often found here. We encourage other property holders, including other technology companies and universities, to also plan to the pledge and make sure that their property is functioning for, and not against, efforts to prevent the pandemic.

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