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Major update in Minecraft Earth

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Minecraft Earth

Microsoft’s Minecraft Earth VR title received a pleasant update today that added some new features to the sport. during a blog post, the Minecraft team announced the features are supported six months of feedback from users. Furthermore, the team also discussed how Minecraft Earth is navigating the COVID-19 pandemic.

First announced in April 2019, Minecraft Earth is Microsoft’s first AR title. Developed within the same division as Microsoft’s next Halo game for Xbox, the new Minecraft experience is going to be available free of charge on iOS and Android.

Since its full launch, the team has been taking note of user feedback and has announced many new tools arriving in the week.

New Features in Minecraft Earth

  • “Player Journal, released today, provides how to gather and track different mobs and blocks collected and gain rewards for unique items. you’ll also say that this provides how to earn bragging rights amongst your friends!
  • Today we also released an update to Challenges, giving them a makeover and introducing new challenge Seasons. Pick your path through the Season map to finish challenges and unlock rewards! you’ll even unlock new character creator clothing to wear in vanilla Minecraft. Challenges can now even be refreshed through randomized tappable for players to gather.
  • Adventure Crystals, released on Annunciation, give players a simple thanks to experience Adventures (which were previously tied to a physical location) in their home, their backyard, or wherever they’re. Players collect these through tappable and may spawn them anywhere and anytime to play and gain rewards. Common Crystals are given as daily rewards, but you would like to seek out chests inside adventures to get crystals and adventures of upper rarity!
  • Build plate Link Sharing, released on Pan American Day, allows players to share their Minecraft Earth creations with friends just by sending them a link they generate in-game or on social media. But worry not – links shared are a replica of the first world, so your brother isn’t actually ready to destroy your masterpiece.”

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