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Motorola Edge and Edge Plus

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motrola edge plus

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For a couple of years now, we’ve thought that Motorola was completely out of the flagship smartphone game. However, here we are with a fresh flagship series from the brand that easily rivals the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S20 series. allow us to introduce you to the Motorola Edge and Motorola Edge Plus!

As one would expect, the Motorola Edge Plus price is high in flagship territory, which is sensible since this is often absolutely a flagship phone. If you were hoping for pricing more in line with the Moto G series, you’re getting to be disappointed.

Below, we’ve all the knowledge we all know about the Motorola Edge and Motorola Edge Plus price, availability, and release date. If you’re looking to shop for one among these phones, everything you would like is here.
Motorola Edge and Motorola Edge Plus release date

motrola edge plus
image credit gsmarena

Motorola Edge back of phone 1

Motorola officially revealed the sting and Edge Plus on April 22, 2020. During that event, it revealed you’d be ready to buy the phones on May 14, 2020.

Unfortunately, Motorola didn’t give any information about pre-orders. As of now, we will only assume that pre-orders will open up sometime before May 14, but it’s possible the corporate could make the Motorola Edge and Motorola Edge Plus skip the pre-order phase and just go straight to general sale.
Motorola Edge and Motorola Edge Plus availability

As of now, we only have concrete information associated with the us and Canadian availability of the Motorola Edge series. In the US, both phones are going to be Verizon-exclusives, meaning you’ll only be ready to use them on the Verizon network.

Unfortunately, this suggests that if you employ the other carrier, the devices are going to be off-limits for you. For the nonce , there’ll not be unlocked variants so you’ll got to switch to Verizon if you would like to use them, which is disappointing news for a phone series of this caliber.

In Canada, the Motorola Edge Plus are going to be available at Bell, Rogers, TELUS, and Freedom Mobile. However, a release date for those carriers is uncertain.

Motorola did say that there’ll be global variants of the Motorola Edge and Edge Plus. However, it didn’t have any details for us yet.
Motorola Edge and Motorola Edge Plus price
The Motorola Edge Plus price will start at $999. While that looks like tons , this phone could easily go head-to-head with the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, making it appear to be a bargain as compared . albeit you compare it just to the Galaxy S20 Plus, you’re still saving $200 and getting some more features.

However, confine mind that you’re still locked to the Verizon network, which is probably going a deal-breaker for tons of individuals no matter the worth of the phone. If you purchase from Verizon, you’ll pay $41.66 monthly for twenty-four months, unless you select to pay outright.

Verizon also will have some deals to entice customers to upgrade or switch. there’ll be the standard trade-in discounts, the quantity of which can vary counting on the device you’re trading in and whether or not you’re a current customer. If you’re not on Verizon and need to modify , you’ll get a $150 Verizon e-gift card if you turn to at least one of the carrier’s unlimited plans. You’ll also get a Verizon Stream TV, an Amazon Echo Dot, and a sensible plug.

As for the vanilla Motorola Edge, Motorola didn’t have any pricing info for us thereon device yet. Obviously, you’ll expect it to be cheaper than $999, but by what proportion we aren’t sure. it’ll even be a Verizon exclusive within the US, though.

As far as global pricing goes, we are within the dark thereon , too. there’ll be global variants of both devices, but when you’ll be ready to get them and for a way much may be a mystery for now. Stay tuned as we’ll update this text as soon as we’ve the data you would like .

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