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NES Power Glove Controls modular synth

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modular synth

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Quit worrying about controlling a modular synth by fidgeting handles. In the event that one modder has his direction, one of Nintendo’s amazing controllers is the method of things to come. Look, Mum, No PC (otherwise known as Sam Fight) has hacked an NES Force Glove into a motion controller for his modular synth arrangement. He should simply twist his fingers to change the channel cutoff, pitch, beat width, and volume. Truly, the outcome is similarly as abnormal and lovely as it sounds — Fight simply needs to wriggle his fingers to add an additional twist to an electronic tune.

To finish it off, the innovator even made an animatronic hand that takes contribution from the synth to control the glove, which thus controls the synth. It’s an exceptional criticism circle, to say the least.

There’s no assurance the task will go any further, in spite of the fact that Fight prodded a potential development. Not that you’ll essentially need to hang tight for it. The DIY devotee has shared huge numbers of the subtleties both in his video and in a circuit outline, so you can manufacture something like this yourself on the off chance that you have a Force Glove you’re willing to change. Take a gander at it along these lines: it may be an extensively less expensive way to deal with melodic gloves than emulating Imogen Stack’s example.

source: engadget

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